otto carbajal

Graphic Designer

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    New York Will Relocate

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    Sr Level, 15 yrs

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    Full Time & Freelance

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Demo websites:
The old days of Flash!
A responsive site. I've gotten better since!
Putting my kids to work!

Over the course of my design career, I had the privilege of working on great products with superb teams and hope to continue on that path in print and the digital world.

I am self taught. I enjoy learning new languages. The knowledge of computer and web/digital technologies, software, applications, and coding that I am improving and building upon, that includes Javascript, CSS3, and jQuery, is giving me a strong visual foundation to adjust to today's changing web/design standards. Always on the "prowl" for smart coding, these prototypes I build, with the help of online tutorial gurus like Chris Coyer, Co-Drop front-end developers, etc, have made me a versatile thinker, better visual designer, for not only the print field but for interactive content across most platforms.

Secondary Specialties

Creative Director, Web Designer, Web Developer