Brandon Soto

Portfolio of a UI/Web Designer & Developer


San Antonio, TX

My objective is to obtain ongoing freelance relationships, a remote or a part-time in-house position as a UI Designer or Web Designer/ Developer(10+ yrs of working industry experience) .

956-320-1207 office


  • Freelancer (All Hats)
    Port Huron, MI
    Jan 2004 - Present
    • The design and development of full websites and other web related deliverables (html, css, javascript, jquery, php, mysql, psd, pdf). From concept to completion.
    • Integration of custom content management system solutions
    • Web consultation
    • Customer Service: email, chat, video, phone, in-person
    • Retention of sensitive client data

    *Workstation: PC
  • Application Developer
    San Antonio, TX
    Mar 2013 - Sep 2014
    Application Developer for AT&T U-verse via Tekmark. Design and development of U-Verse apps as well as custom internal project design and development.

    In this position, I:
    • Function as the primary UX/UI Designer/Design Lead on high profile projects
    • Used HTML5/JQM/JQUI/Custom JS to develop the front-end of a tablet application for the 2014 Sochi Olympics.
    • Used Photoshop(PC) to design the internal CMS that is used by clients and team members to update U-verse tv applications.
    • Used Zurb's responsive framework, Foundation, to develop the front-end of the internal CMS that I designed.
    • Design High-Res imagery in Photoshop on MAC to deliver to Marketing for use in both print (in-store/magazine) and television commercials.
    • Use Visual Studio 2012 (PC) to code tv application layouts in MRML
    • Create custom JS for actions in tv applications
  • UI Designer for Digital Marketing
    San Antonio, TX
    Mar 2012 - Mar 2013
    User Interface Designer for the Digital Marketing Channel at USAA. Responsible for the design and model development of .com and mobile web pages. Some of my duties/credits include:

    • Using Photoshop to create Marketing designs for both the public facing and private side of USAA com, USAA mobile, and ad creation for the USAA mobile app.
    • Adhere to Standards Compliance code when constructing valid HTML/CSS page models
    • Coding HTML Emails that are delivered to millions of inboxes
    • Professionally trained in Web Accessibility via a Senior Design Course
    • One of the contact point,"Go to guys", for JavaScript, PHP, MySQL, and other heavy coding duties
    • Exposure to the YUI framework
    • Active Developer in USAA NFL Sponsorship projects (NFL MillionFanSalute/ Army Navy Game)
    • Schedule and attend meetings with co-workers and businesses to keep projects on track
    • Collaborate with other channels in Design when necessary

    *Workstation: PC
  • Front & Back-End Web Developer
    McAllen, TX
    Jan 2011 - Mar 2012
    The DelRio Agency
    • Using Photoshop to convert .psd designs from the design team into hand coded HTML/CSS markup using Dreamweaver’s code view
    • Aiding in the overall UX and UI design
    • Incorporating Javascript/jQuery into site development for advanced functionality, validation, and usability
    • Using PHP/MySQL to build dynamic web pages
    • Creation of all new websites and maintenance of all current websites
    • Creating and maintaining all databases/ table structures via the PhpMyAdmin Interface
    • Mobile website development utilizing the jQuery Mobile Framework in Dreamweaver CS5.5
    • Working w/ a custom CMS to provide client's the ability to update their own websites (PHP/MySQL)
    • Working w/ other CMS systems for the same reason (Modx CMF)
    • General client interaction: email, phone, and in-person
    • Client website administration training and support

    *Workstation: MAC
  • Web Producer / Web Developer
    St. Clair, MI
    Apr 2009 - May 2010
    funeralOne / Platinum Innovation Group
    • Meet project deadlines with the Web Development Team through the use of enterprise level project management software
    • Coordinated with business members for project deliverables
    • Assigned WebDev members the tasks that best suited their skill set to meet those needs
    • Hand coded new webpages and maintained current pages
    • General customer support for proprietary systems of funeralOne through email and phone

    *Workstation: PC
  • Web Developer (College Internship)
    St. Clair, MI
    Mar 2009 - Jul 2009
    Prompt Internet Solutions
    • Creation of new website designs and web graphics using Photoshop
    • Creation of new documents using the Microsoft office suite
    • Maintenance of several live websites via Dreamweaver

    *Workstation: PC
  • Web/Flash Designer / Developer
    Port Huron, MI
    Apr 2006 - Apr 2009
    Vivid Image Pro
    • Intermediate use of motion tweening, text transformations, and Actionscript coding for custom Adobe Flash elements for banner design, navigational elements, to fully dynamic Flash based websites utilizing XML and external .txt files
    • The design and development of full websites, hand coded in either Notepadd++ or through Dreamweaver’s code view
    • File transferring (FTP) using FileZilla or Dreamweaver
    • Creation of custom designs and graphics through Photoshop, ImageReady, Fireworks

    *Workstation: PC


  • Associate's in Web Development
    Port Huron, MI
    St. Clair Community College

Additional Formal Education

  • UX Design
    Certification course that detailed all of the processes that are paramount to UX Design.

  • MySQL/PHP Database Design
    Personal Enrichment Certificate received that taught the core fundamentals and more of dynamic PHP coding and database design. The course's final project was a fully functional, dynamic website completely driven by a custom content management system that included the use of log ins, sessions, cookies, and more.

  • Graphic Design
    Personal Enrichment Certificate received that taught the basis of color theory, web design, and proper font usage that is best suited and most appropriate for online content.

Honors and Awards

    I am a proud member of the National Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society.

    I received the Theisen Scholarship award in the Fall semester of 2008 for my essay on the importance of education in today's society.

    I have received a mention on the President's Honor List for every semester I was eligible for (6 or more credit hrs with a GPA of 3.5 or higher).

Industry Knowledge

  • Software / Technologies / Skills Summary
    • Proficient on both MAC & PC
    • Adobe CC Edition
    • UX Design
    • Prototyping (Fireworks, Zurb Foundation, Custom)
    • UI/ Web/ App Design
    • HTML5 / CSS3
    • Responsive/Mobile Design/Development
    • PHP / MySQL Development
    • JavaScript
    • jQuery / jQ UI / jQ Mobile
    • XML
    • API Integration
    • Angular JS
    • Ionic