General info
The Creations of Timm Hoff & Jean Welborn

Now showing:
The City-County Gallery in Lincoln, NE on September 2, 2016.

Previous shows of F&W: West Nebraska Arts Center in Scottsbluff, Nebraska
September 3 - 27
Opening Reception Thursday, September 3, 5pm-7pm

Lead-Deadwood Arts Center:
October 7-31, 2014

Timm Hoff lives, draws, carves, sculpts, prints, and sets things on fire in Alliance, Nebraska with his wife and kids.

Jean Welborn paints with wild abandon in Blair, Nebraska, where she lives with her husband and a room full of paintbrushes and canvas.

Timm and Jean met in college and started to work together almost immediately, spending their time drawing, painting, sculpting and making mischief around the school. Since then, they've continued to pursue their passion for art (and making mischief) individually and together.
Current Work
Standard Dictionary of Folklore, Mythology, and Legend
Standard Dictionary of
and Legend

A conceptual show featuring acrylic paintings by Jean and sculpture and relief prints by Timm.

Every piece in the show is taken from an entry from Funk & Wagnall’s Standard Dictionary of Folklore, Mythology, and Legend. The book features thousands of entries and essays by specialists in myths and legends from around the world. The artists have drawn on these myths and legends to put together an eclectic show thats variety is bound together by its source and theme. Each piece is named after an entry in the book, followed by the page number. (i.e Chupacabra p. 17) Copies of the book will be available for viewing. Visitors are encouraged to look up the entry for a work and then return to it for further viewing. The show consists of 40 pieces but can be scaled depending on gallery size.