Monterrey, NL

Rogelio is a multitalented art man who explores life through diverse creative outlets such as plastic art, photography, special projects and musical endeavors. Heavily inspired by fashion and beauty, Bailléres has taken his career on a very provocative path through editorial and advertisement commissions, publishing work on high fashion magazines and exclusive journals around the world.


  • CEO
    Monterrey, NL
    Sep 2007 - Present
    RB Studio
    art, branding, special projects


  • FV Magazine
    (digital - ww) — Creator / Editor in Chief. 2007 - 2012

  • FASHIONARY Network
    (digital - ww - MX) — Columnist/Content Producer. 2011 - 2012

  • SPOT Magazine
    (print - national - MX) — Content production/Columnist. 2010 - 2012

  • BLINK Magazine
    (print - national - MX) — Editorial production/Columnist. 2009 - 2012

  • EMagazine
    (digital - ww) — Editor; Art Zone Section. 2006 - 2008

    Fashion Week Diary (México, DF), Fashion Week Daily (NY), Adidas México, NEXT Models (NY), Contempo Models, PARAGON Models, Queta Rojas Models, High Models, IN Wohen Trends, Mixé Music Records, 212 Productions (GDL), Cuerpo Activo Magazine (DF), UNIVERSAL Records (MX), SPOT Magazine (MX - LA, USA), BLINK Magazine (MX), Calvin Klein (MX), Être by José Luis González, EGR by Enrique González, Zemmoa, CELESTE, The INFAMOUS, The INFAMOUS Promo TV, FNTV, BARRI, Fiasco Mag, NMNF Events (MX), Eradio / EMagazine (MX), Malva Club (DF), Avenue Illustrated Magazine (Spain - Russia - China), Unicorn Magazine (Italy), Alila Magazine (Italy), Pasaje América Centro Nocturno (DF), ANAL Magazine (MX - Germany), HelloDF, Fashion News (GDL - DF), GLUP Magazine (MX), DEEP Magazine(MX), DJ Concept Magazine(MX), Nowadays Orange Productions, CHIC Magazine.

  • — PRESS
    Bullet (NY), CG Latin Magazine (Venezuela), Pic-Nic (MX), Cool Hunter MX (MX), Societe Perrier, The City Loves You, PLUI (MX), E lifestyke Magazine (DF), NSFF, Sweet Style (DF), FW Diary ‘12 (DF), GLAM Magazine (Malaysia), MILENIO (MX), REFORMA (MX), El Norte (MTY), UNITED VIRTUOSO, Hellow Hellow, El Arco - Suplemento (Morelia), La Razón (Tampico), Prendas Publicas (Spain), El Rastro (DF), The M Post (Morelia), Oh Antoniet, Fan Station (Morelia), Mexican Flamboyant, CREW El Milagrito (DF), CHIC Magazine (Tampico), CAMEDY Editorial, LMM.