Ryan Mitchell Boutin

Coastal Massachusetts/Rhode Island


Coastal Massachusetts/Rhode Island

Boutin's work is a representation of calm, deliberate and sustained focus in intense places. His repertoire of imagery is wide ranging, incorporating representational and abstract elements to provoke an emotional and psychological effect on the viewer. Mark density, obsessive-compulsive line work, and scale require the viewer to devote time and attention to investigate, explore, and understand the images. Imagery is meant to confront the viewer and simulate the feeling of intense focus, the kind one experiences just before encountering natural dangers such as wildlife and storms. 

Many of these subjects make direct references to aspects of America's ecology, such as the forest, farming, and fishing practices that celebrate the concept of nature as religious experience. 

Boutin is drawn to various and often unconventional media for their versatility. He is as likely to paint with his fingers or a fertilizer sprayer as he is with a brush. The material Boutin works is in service to the drawing, and the intentions of the drawings are an analysis of life and the emotions he feels while drawing. So no matter what medium Boutin works in, it can be said that he is drawing using different modalities. Boutin uses those modalities for their advantages, but he is disinterested in operating as a materials-based artist. Boutin is not painting, drawing, or printmaking, for the sake of the material, or process. Boutin uses material and process as a system to enhance the drawing and the drawing is a form of analytical spirituality.


  • Professor
    Brockton, MA
    Sep 2005 - Present
    Massasoit Community College


  • MFA in painting
    Boston, MA
    Sep 2009 - May 2011
    Boston University