Ryan David Koziel
Creative Director
San Francisco, CA
Available Full Time, Freelance / Part time, Willing to relocate

Creative Director
Art Director
12 years exp.
Bachelor (4 yr.)


RESULTS, RESULTS, RESULTS. Lets face it thats all that matters anymore. Well, that and good work.

I've been called "a mad scientist of creative concepts." Don't believe me? Just ask why, and I'll find an answer.

Here is a bit more about me:

I live for my work, often obsessing over color, type and the ever-so-important grid system. I think that emotion helps shape communication, and that design can inspire, and possibly even change the world. I tend to beautify everything I get my hands on (have you seen my work yet?), but my specialties include logos, websites, packaging and brochures.

I started out as an Interactive Designer (10 years ago), creating websites using both Flash and HTML/XML. As my career progressed, I found myself excelling, and eventually moving on to create identity and establish branding, while also producing traditional design (print) work. Art direction soon followed. Now I find myself focusing a lot more on creative direction and strategy.