Kath Seventy Two
Available Freelance / Part time

Graphic Designer
5 years exp.
Mid Level


Hello. I’m a coffee addict by day, illustrator & designer by night and this what you can see is my online workspace.
I create custom illustrations, have a great cat named Mia and you can call me Kath.

I am 22 / illustrator / designer / jazz lover / coffee addict

As you already know my name, I can tell you more about my work. Seventy Two is one girl show based in central Europe. I create custom illustrations, design that last forever and print/poster/apparel design for fun. I can’t live without music, art books and my 27″ iMac; yes I admit it, I’m a full time addict.

Are you married? Not yet but I have a boyfriend. What’s your life motto? “Create something you wish existed.” , “Stay hungry, stay foolish.” What’s your favourite colour? Blue. And maybe turquoise. Who are your favourite artists? Jessica Hische, Sara Blake, DKNG, Justin Mezzell, Dana Tanamachi, Olly Moss. Why Seventy Two? 72 is my and my boyfriend’s lucky number. I was thinking about my studio, how to sign my work and that number just came to my mind. May I publish or use your artwork and design? No. You can’t use my work without my permission. If you have any questions regarding usage of my work, contact me. May I interview you? Yes, I am available at the time so feel free to drop me a line. Where do you get your inspiration? Everywhere around you and me. I found great ideas when I’m thinking about something a long time and suddenly idea come across. Anyway, the best inspiration I can get is few seconds before my sleep, in a long walk or in front of my computer while I work. There is no such time or place for inspiration; do the hard work and inspiration will come.