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    * 2013 - Opening Titles Rosa Roth - Final episode
    * 2013 - RED Music video
    * 2012 - Opening Title: "Das Adlon. Eine Familiensaga" by Uli Edel
    * 2012 - Composing Music: VEBRECHEN (6 episode German crime series)
    * 2012 - Visual Effects: VEBRECHEN
    * 2012 - Directing Music Video - CAFTORIM (Knobs) by Oshri Cohen

    * 2009 - 4K digital cinema logo animation for UFA CINEMA
    Directed and executed by Jean Michel and Solo Avital.

    * 2008 - Music video "Drom America" for Dani Reichental
    * 2007 - VFX supervision "Rosa Roth"
    * 2006 - VFX supervision “Africa Mon Amour”
    * 2005 - VFX supervision “Die Patriarchin”
    * 1998 - Digital compositor “The Legend of 1900” (Giuseppe Tornatore)
    * 1997 - Digital compositor “Lost In Space” (Stephen Hopkins)
    [edit] Awards

    * Israel 2001 "Keep on Dancing"
    Directed, filmed and edited by: Solo Avital

    * Germany 2003 - "Art Liberates"
    Filmed and edited by: Solo Avital
    Directors: Solo Avital and Adam Horowitz.

    * Israel/Tokyo/NYC 2006 - "More Than 1000 Words" was a film which took 2 years to shoot, following the life and work of Israel's leading war photographer Ziv Koren. The film received numerous international awards and also made history, as the first Israeli film ever to be invited to Teheran Fajr International Film Festival in Iran.

    * Germany/Israel/USA 2008 - "Laughing in Tears"
    Roots of Jewish Humor.

    From early childhood till mid 20's, I developed my skills as a musician and song writer. A sudden change of interest happened in 94, when I discovered 3D animation. I found character animation facinating and challenging.

    In 1996 I won a BEST AWARD FOR SHORT ANIMATION FILM and was invited to Babelsberg studios in Germany, to help create a complex 3D character model and animate the popular Machine-Man transformation of the 1927 film Metropolis by Fritz Lang, who created his masterpiece at the very same studios.

    With a team of 2 additional animators, we completed the job 2 months before deadline and were invited to remain with the studios for 5 more years. During that period I expended my experience to digital film compositing, editing, shooting, writing and directing. All thanks to Babelsberg NEW FX CENTER which was a vibrant post production heaven, equipped with the most advanced technologies, and attracted top post production experts from all over the world. Equipped with few extra skills, I begin developing my own content for documentaries and feature projects.

    Nowadays my work varies from composing music for cinema, supervising vfx projects, and providing post production services to film projects.

    * 2008 - Laughing Tears - 90:MIN ZDF
    * 2006 - ...More Than 1000 Words - 79:MIN
    * 2004 - Art Liberates - 54:MIN
    * 2003 - Keep On Dancing - 24:MIN

    * 2007 Warsaw Phoenix Award and Best Audience Choice, Warsaw Film Festival - Poland
    * 2006 Best Feature Documentary, Winnipeg International Film Festival - Canada
    * 2006 Margrit & Robert Mondavi Film Prize, Napa Sonoma Film Festival - USA
    * 2006 Best Feature Film, BRIDGE International Film Festival - Canada
    * 2006 Best Professional Documentary, REEL to REAL Film Festival - USA
    * 2006 Best Israeli Film and Best Film of the Festival, Youngstown's Film Festival - USA

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