General info
What's the use of an artist's resume in times anyone benefits from Google, Facebook and YouTube to explore an artists' biography? This website is about my photographic images, on which I never comment nor about I ever discuss, because they live a life of their own. The salt in the cellulose of the film is waiting in the womb of the camera to be concepted by the light. After a while developed to become a negative. The spark of life given by the enlarger and born out of the baths of the darkroom. After being dried they have to begin their own journeys. Their task is to interact with the viewers and the emotions they will create will be different to anyone, who will look at them. Photographic images are visual music and they have to attract their own audiences to tell their stories to, about moments already gone as soon as the shutter closed. They will travel, be exposed, sold, bought, hidden, found and shown to become mature and eventually eminent. Some will die and others will live, gaining their own histories, long after I'm gone. Looking at a website is no more than paging through a catalog, so you will have to meet them in their material life. So in the end there's no need for an artist's resume, because I'm not their creator...................... I was only their composer.