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House and Garden Design
Nashville, Tennessee
My design experiences are wide-ranging. I lived in New York City and the Hudson Valley for many years. While in the city I designed custom furniture and interiors for multi-national corporations. On the weekends in the Hudson Valley, I restored 19thC houses for myself and for clients. It was also in that beautiful setting that I became interested in the relationship between architecture and the supporting landscape.

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After moving home to Nashville I opened a boutique garden store, Botanica, and began providing garden design services. As that client base grew, I slowly began to provide architectural design services again.

In the recent past, we have designed a sculpture garden, redesigned a sprawling 1955 ranch house, completed a 9000 square foot family house along with numerous gardens and several other renovations. Today we are working on three new family houses and a renovation of a 190 year old Greek revival farmhouse that began life as a 2-room log cabin.

The goal for me has always been to understand the context of a project and design something that is appropriate. This frees me from "style", per se, and allows every project to be unique.
Nashville, TN
1986 - Present
Wells Design Associates, Inc
We are a small firm specializing in residential design including new houses, renovations, additions and gardens.
Charlottesville, VA
BS Architecture
University of Virginia
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Wells Design Associates, Inc.
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