Creative Front End Developer

Allison L. Creelman - Design*Develop*Create*Translate

Allison LeahCreelman

los angeles

Front-end developer--Creating solutions for all types of web situations.

17 years creating  visually pleasing, user friendly, web interactions
through a mix of programming  and creative layout   skills

Wordpress Expert.

  • My Specialities
    Creating solutions for all types of web situations 
    ● CSS3,  HTML5,  
    ● AJAX, jQuery, JavaScript

    ● WORDPRESS ( theme structure plugin customizing building moving fixing creating )
      MySQL, PHP5, phpMy admin
    ● Adobe PS, AI 
     ● XHTML, XML - Linux, ApacheTECHNICAL EXPERTISE ● MySQL, PHP5 ● CSS3, AJAX ● MAMP Apache ● HTML5, XHTML ●Optimize 

    - 15 years experience working with  all things wordpress

     -Customize, extend & create WP themes and plugins. 

     -Edit and repurpose WordPress plugins in accordance to customers’ needs • 

     -Comprehensive understanding of WordPress core software, mySql database connectivity and its      functions. 

     -migrate and optimize existing websites to WordPress 
     -Up-to-date WordPress security best practices


  • web - designer/developer
    Jan 2016 - Present
    created collective website for AZ non profit 
     - complete with social media integration
    created multi-part user friendly secure custom technical application form 
    - donation setup
    -event ticketing and updating 
  • web dev/design

    Jun 2106 - Present
    Merkin Vineyards Osteria
    created custom shop for local farm to table  restaurant/vineyard
  • Web Developer
    Los Angeles
    Oct 2006 - Present
    visual borealis
    hand coded streaming media site for Music video/ commericial Production Designer, Mark Snelgrove.

    Encoded all original raw video files for fasest user friendly web streaming ..and subsequently setup a system for client to upload and easliy convert unencoded videos , to have them auto added to portfolio/reel.
  • Lead
    Los Angeles
    Jan 2008 - Present
    Leland Hayward Photography
    Set up photo portfolio/ and database for incredibly talented photographer: leland hayward.

    He wanted super simple, for the layout and super super simple ability to upload and add pics at his leisure:
    Set up slideshowpro director database / and flash site.. Customized accordingly :( customized in flash via actionscript for flash to simplify intuitive navigation on the site..)
  • lead developer: teampuscifer/puscifer music
    Los Angeles
    May 2006 - Present
    puscifer entertainment
    Setup all databases and created all flash and flv parts of teampuscifer/puscifermusic/pusciferentertainment.
    Created and maintain large heavyily trafficked customised vanilla forum from Basic Vanilla install.
    Mantain upgrading/dating of each site section:
    blog; forum ; intergation w artist social profile /instagram twitter etcc
    added technologies; new flash files; Videos (encoded..etc.)

    Oversee all base sites from setup and implement all web they are added( ie wordpress twitter etc)

    Handcoded flash - wordpress and vanilla forums tailored to clients needs, constantaly updated and tweaked.
  • lead developer
    venice, ca
    Jan 2015 - Present
    web everything for highly successful Artist Jules Muck- tied in her huge instagram following and live painting gigs with an easily updated wordpress based  site also selling her fine art - 
    Custom design custom plugins site maintenance and security .
  • web dev/design
    venice, ca
    Apr 2015 - Present
    Community Healing Gardens
    created online presence for local community non profit - 
    created custom with mobile friendly video header
    created backend(client managed)database / front-end form for  simple volunteer registration for specific events and secure custom donations forms
    integrated google apps for interactive updatable map of gardens

  • Lead Developer
    Los Angeles, CA
    Jan 2013 - Present
    Campbell Machines
    created a small database for specialized machine company that sell large specific tortilla and other production machines. 
  • Lead Developer
    Los Angeles
    Jan 2007 - Present
    nicholas savalas
    Created unique html/php site for  Music video/ commericial Director's reel/portfolio.
    Encoded Media files.. and created template for client very specific demands.
    Set up to easily allow client to add to /upload /convert new videos and info as needed.
  • Lead developer
    Los Angeles
    Jul 2008 - Present
    UberDrummer/ multi talented musician Josh Freese's launch site for Album : Since 1972.

    Used parts flash and ajax to create main site- installed TopSpinMedia iframe code on purchase pages.
    created whole system so all pieces of varying technology worked together simply-

    set up blog and tumblr /twittr/youtube updaters for josh* to easily update fans.

    launch of site/ Since 1972 was VERY unique as the site has received massive attention . due to being picked up by wired and music press for use of the unique pricing set up:
    <a href="">on newyorktimes blog</a>
    <a href"">on</a>

  • Web developer
    cottonwood , Az
    Jan 2103 - Present
    Wordpress site for Arizona Wine collective and presently working on back end to create POS system for  wine ordering capabilities from site