General info
Design Architect
Auckland, New Zealand
After 8 years of working as a design architect, Tim has developed a reputation for producing design conceptions that transcend the clutter.
Tim studied and began his career in Auckland where he worked for leading New Zealand firm Warren & Mahoney for a number of years. After a year working in Santiago, Chile, he moved to Brisbane, Australia, where he became registered and has had the opportunity to work on a number of projects of international scale and complexity.

Tim has worked in a broad range of sectors during his career including high end residential, commercial, educational, institutional and civic projects. In recent years Tim has developed specialist skills in transport infrastructure projects, namely passenger rail.

Tim manages to marry two key qualities, those being, a fundamental passion for and creative approach to design conception, discussion and development, but also a proven awareness of construction methodologies and techniques.

A creative career not limited to that solely of architecture, Tim has branched out into other mediums, founding a popular online New Zealand architecture website in 2009 with an associate & most recently developing and launching a QR Code based Lost & Found recovery system

Tim is passionate about design and the built environment and he continues to produce quality, crafted architecture with a generosity of spirit.

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