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United Kingdom

WhiteAndCream, predominant minimalistic colours in art galleries.

The emphasis is on what is displayed.

The eyes must be attracted by the photographs, paintings or sculptures, not by the surroundings.

Take your time to enjoy the tour...

© Laurent Rickling



  • United Kingdom
    Jun 2003 - Present

    Live photography for Bands | DJs | Musicians

    Press shots for Lack Of Afro on Freestyle Records

    Photography featured in a documentary for Tate Modern 10th Anniversary

    Advertising photography for coffee shops in England

    UKBC 2013

    • UKBC 2015 - UKBC 2017 | UK Barista Championship

    Advertising photography for Lesley Harper Nutrition

    Coffee photography for Crankhouse Coffee Roaster

    Press shots for Elliott Cole on LOA Records

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