Carlo "Wiz" Rossi
Creative Director
Bologna, ITALY
Available Full Time, Freelance / Part time, Willing to relocate

Creative Director
Animation / Motion more
17 years exp.


- - -
I was born the 24th of february 1971 in St.Gallen (Switzerland)

I live now in Imola (Bologna - ITALY) and work at the time in Bologna.
- - -
In the early 80s I was a big fan of Alberto Camerini (italian tecno pop singer) and very fascinated by the electronic world of "Compiiiiuters".
I remember my first console, a Philips Videopac with basic language decoder, then the first "graphic" experiments with my Commodore 128 and its Basic 7.0; after that the Big Amiga and Deluxe Paint...
I discovered years later the European Institute of Design in Milan, where, they said, I could have became a "Computergraphic": Great!...
From that point on, Videogames, 3d/2d and Motion Graphic, Multimedia and Web...a lot of various creativity...and Camerini is still in my playlist!!!
- - -
I speak GERMAN and ENGLISH fluently.
- - -
Jumpy España: Concept, art direction and graphic development of the 'Free Web Access cd rom' (Madrid, Spain – 1998);
Speedo (USA): Concept and art direction of adv activity for its corporate site;
Softimage 3D: Advanced stage by Microsoft Corp. and the entertainment software house Psygnosis (München, Germany - 1997);
Multimedia Satellite platform development seminar by Canal+ (Paris, France - 2000).
- - -
>Digital animation shortfilm "GUTENMORGEN BERLIN" (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E134gJjbpa8)
Best Placements:
- BITFILM FESTIVAL, Hamburg (Germany)
2nd place "MTV FLASH AWARDS", 2006
- ANIMOWEB, Modena (Italy)
2nd place "AUDIENCE VOTE", 2006