Todd Thomas

Graphic Designer/VIdeo Editor

New York, NY

Graphic Design (Print and Web)

  • Carat GLAAD Award Print Ad
  • Print/Web Ad For iLuv Products (HPI)
  • Aegis Media Christmas Invitation
  • Name Tags For Corporate Meetings
  • iProspect Christmas Card
  • Aegis Media Adweek Full Page
  • Name Tags For Corporate Meetings
  • Carat T-shirt Design
  • Carat Notecard
  • Adweek Mockup
  • Aegis Media Mobile Event
  • Email Blast Ad For Kingston (HPI)

Infographic Design


  • Carat Global Site Mockup
  • Bailey's Facebook
  • Bailey's Thanksgiving Campaign Mockup
  • Carat Global Site Mockup - Homepage
  • Carat Global Site Mockup - Network Section
  • HTML Newsletter
  • Design Of C-Level Bio Site (including copy)

Logos And Artwork

  • Minimalist Movie Logo Design
  • Real Estate Logo Design
  • Album Cover Design

Copy And Product Descriptions

  • Travel Planners Company Services Copy (TP/Quikbook)
  • Ad Copy For iLuv Prodcut (HPI)

Social Media Campaigns

Video Editing

  • Carat USA Culture Video - Editor
  • Music Video - Editor
  • Music Video - Assistant Editor
  • Carnage Krew - Shoot your School - Front Kick to the Face

Tide Campaign ( Spec - Design and Copy)

Some E Cards (Spec Copy)

Purell (Spec) (Spec)