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Miami, Florida
Bryan Vallejo is a photographer whose talents transcend basic portraiture. Since 2005, his experimentation with various mediums has evolved a creative vision which inspire his clients. Bryan's photos put you in the moment; his style is unmistakable. The clean lines of his images reflect his meticulous approach to the process, while the rich, bold colors express his passion for the art. He values attention to detail, putting his all into every project and making it his mission to find beauty in all that he does. He is not a business, but an artist. He doesn’t take on projects just for profit or to add to his portfolio, but because he truly connects with the concept and the people involved. His passion and dedication shine through in all his images; there is life in every photo.
954 Brevard St., Tallahassee, FL 32304
Aug 2010 - Feb 2012
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Lake Worth, FL
- May 2010
Associate of Arts
Palm Beach State College
Tallahassee, FL
- Aug 2012
Bachelor of Arts
Florida State University
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What It Dot Be
Vengeance Clothing
Citified Skateboards
For The Krew Skateboarding Magazine
Focus Skate Magazine
Shred-Shed Skate Shop
Clutch Magazine
SWATCH Magazine
Diverse World Fashion Magazine
Occeus Couture
Alvaro Novaro
Lush Boutique Hair Loft
Escandalo TV
America's Best Dance Crew: Full Out Crew
Palm Beach State College
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What It Dot Be
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Occeus Couture
Palm Beach Review
Tallahassee Democrat
For The Krew Skateboarding Magazine
Focus Skate Magazine
Diverse World Fashion Magazine
CLUTCH Magazine
SWATCH Magazine
Occeus Couture
Palm Beach State College Handbook
FSView & Florida Flambeau
Awards + Recognitions
Digital Photography / Digital Imagery Academic Excellence & Service Award
Women in the Visual Arts Award
Catherine Photos Award
24th Annual Student Art Exhibition: Honorable Mention
Artbrary 2010
Thrasher Stoke of the Day
Discover Local Artist: Palm Beach Pulse
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Bryan Vallejo
T - 727.501.1127
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