Chantelle Hartshorne

Hartshorne is an accomplished entrepreneur in both the beauty industry and the tech world of Silicon Valley. As CEO of STYLEBEE Inc., Chantelle has an extensive portfolio and body of work, leading UX and growth for a platform that revolutionized the US beauty industry, scaling it to over 40,000 users. She joined StyleBee as Creative Director in 2014 bringing her understanding of startup culture and the evolution of the beauty industry to the table, and in 2021 transitioned from her role to CEO. Hartshorne's expertise is highly sought after, and she regularly contributes to beauty publications, panels, and blogs. Her dedication extends to charity, coordinating STYLEBEE's volunteer efforts, and giving back to the community. Chantelle's unique skill set and accomplishments make her a standout leader in both beauty and tech, as she continues to inspire and support her peers through her passion and dedication.

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