c l a y t o n  j  r e b b e r  |  s e n i o r  c r e a t i v e  l e a d e r

founder | chief creative | visionary | digital storyteller

Senior creative leader with 10+ years of extensive expertise in digital media on both client and platform side. I bring a proven knowledge of design direction, product and brand vision, creative strategy, communication and cultural development. My initial years were primarily spent in-house, growing Odyssey Media Inc. since its inception in 2009. During my time here, I lead a wide array of challenging creative projects, including a massive transition to our rapidly growing digital presence. Odyssey Media Inc. reached 30+ million audience, 12,000+ creators and 40,000+ pieces of content monthly. Since then, I have been spending my time continuing to build a design studio, with an emphasis in brand and product development. Along with building start-ups within design centric industries.

r e d  b u l l

Red Bull partnered with Odyssey Media Inc. to drive product trial and adoption through brand ambassador activations and millennial focused partnerships with brand relevant events and influencer groups. The campaign's primary objective was to garner subscribers to its newest magazine, Red Bulletin.

m t n  d e w

Mtn Dew partnered with Odyssey Media Inc. in efforts to increase purchase intent and lift brand awareness within category buyers. The campaign consisted of hi-impact interstitial units, home page takeover, standard iab units and brand placement within print production.

m o n s t e r  a u d i o

Monster partnered with Odyssey to help build awareness and purchase intent within the Millennial market, through iab mobile interstitial units, hi-impact mobile adverts, original branded articles, video and social amplification.

o d y s s e y  m e d i a

A creator first, social platform. Odyssey's mission is to affect positive social change by inviting people to share their perspectives, sharpen their opinions, and participate in meaningful conversations with others surrounding the topics they care about most. We believe everyone’s voice deserves to be heard. On Odyssey, perspectives from everyday people start meaningful conversations across the nation.

o t h e r  c a m p a i g n s

A concoction of campaigns varying in digital and print creative, from large to small(er) brands. These ad campaigns were created to cater to the millennial demographic and were designed to engage through multiple channels of advertising: video, display, mobile and native. Most campaigns targeted our demographic through standard iab and high impact units. 

m o d H A U S

modHAUS - a modern perspective on every day living. Design focused, passionate real estate investors with a combined 50+ years in the design + architecture industries, looking to disrupt the current traditional landscape in Indy and surrounding areas. With a main goal to shift the way home buyers view the market by allowing custom, modern design to be within reach.

b r a n d i n g

A peak into the inner workings of brands and the vision behind the usage of the mark. While the logo or icon can be the symbol of a business, it is not representative of the brand in its entirety. Brands are majorly known for their values, the emotions of the audience when they interact with it and the vision behind their products and how they align with the market. The "why" behind their symbol.

i n t e r a c t i v e

Additional interface designs and re-launches based on user behaviors. New user experiences must be easily navigable and interface must evoke emotion while accomplishing key factors such as usability, accessibility and credibility.

p r i n t   m e d i a

An assortment of creative, showcasing the importance of print media and how it can be impactful and beneficial for brand awareness and reputation. In the digital era we currently live in, printed branded  materials are often overlooked. Many business owners are dismissing print media as "obsolete". Print media could be a powerful branding tool that companies are removing from the equation.

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