Baltimore, Maryland

Renowned plastic surgeon, Dean Kane, MD exposes an inner passion for art with a progressively changing, vibrant and edgy collection. Dean finds joy in creative exploration. His “new Expressionism” transforms flat 2D photography into whimsical 3D artforms. While expanding his surgical skills, sculpting and reshaping the face and body; Dean developed his own innovative technique, “PhotoSculpture”. Photos are morphed and embellished to create his dynamic and spirited masterpieces.

Selected work

DeanKaneArt / Art for Hope

Four Seasons: Scale 40 X 40

Purple Craze: Scale 30 x 30

Celebration: Scale 30 X 30

Twisted Heart: Scale 20 X 20

Heavy Metal Heart: Scale 20 X 20

Sunshine: Scale 30 X 30

Laced Courage: Scale 20 X 20

Heardassah: sold -Scale 20 X 20

Purple Haze: sold -Scale 20 X 20

Peace Flower: sold -Scale 20 X 20

Pink Haze: sold -Scale 20 X 20

Baltimore Skyline: sold -Scale 20 X 20

Blue Iris: sold -Scale 20X20

Blue Poppy on Red Field: sold -Scale 20 X 20

Purple Iris: sold -Scale 20 x 20

Poppies: sold -Scale 5 X 5


About The Artist