Francisco Munoz is a photographer based in Norway
General info
Francisco Munoz (born 1979) is a photographer based in Norway. Since he started he has created distinctive, colorful photographs that reflect his desire to see what he feels. Over the years he has created many of his own specially designed filters and light modifiers, and almost exclusively uses antique lenses on a medium format camera. His work has been awarded silver and gold at Gullsnitt, the Norwegian photography award. 

Francisco’s early artistic influences came from Nikolai Astrup who painted the landscapes around Jølster where he grew up. He was drawn to the strong colors and the abstract way that light is shown in Astrup’s art. 

In his spare time Francisco is out surviving in the Norwegian wild, preferably in below-freezing temperatures. “Sometimes I’ve just got to do it. It’s a really nice pause from daily life and work that gives me motivation to go further. It disconnects parts of my brain so I can start fresh. I just love to go out to hear the glacier groan, it’s the deepest base you’ll ever hear.”

Awarded Gold, Silver & Bronze in a range of categories, from advertising to band to artistic work.  

Gullsnit is Norway's most important competition for advertising photographers.  
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