Joakim Hovrevik

A slowly but surely growing collection of work and play by Joakim Hovrevik.
General info
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Stockholm, Sweden
I have enjoyed and taken pride in making good things look great for a little over a decade – working with Art Direction, Graphic Design and Photography. I thrive on interacting with creative people – solving challenges with vivid visual solutions.
Stockholm, Sweden
Jan 2003 - Present
J. Hovrevik Design
Originally started on the side as a way to connect to and learn from a broader spectrum of businesses. At this point all my work comes through here.

This enterprise has generated work for small and medium sized actors in the Sports Fashion, Traveling, Culture, Bar/Restaurant and Entertainment businesses. Creating all sorts of graphic designs, logos, photographic work and more.
Göteborg, Sweden
Feb 2005 - Aug 2011
Art Director / Graphic Designer
During the years at The Göteborg Opera I had the privilege to create marketing designs for many dance, opera and concert productions. The Göteborg Opera is one of the leading opera houses in Northern Europe – attracting prominent artists and teams from around the world. A house that simmers with ambition, talent and hard work.

I was responsible for designing and producing the key part of The Göteborg Opera’s printed communication, ads, branding items etc. Major projects; the extensive yearly programme and numerous concept designs used to market opera, dance, musical and concert productions. These concepts act as templates for each production’s visual appearance in a wide range of marketing channels, both offline and online.
Also frequently performing photographic work.
Sep 2011 - Feb 2012
Photographic Excursion
6 months / 9 countries
A six month photographic journey to Rwanda, Uganda, Madagascar, South Africa, Lesotho, Sri Lanka, Australia, New Zealand and Indonesia. Resulted in a 240-page photo book - "It might have been a tuesday", late 2012.
Göteborg, Sweden
Mar 2012 - Apr 2013
Webmaster / Graphic Designer
Responsible for function, content and development of Also working a great deal with visual design work, focused on the recording and editing of video clips for the web. Involved in and technically responsible for the corporate presence on Facebook and for the major digital newsletters sent out from the opera.
Also frequently performing photographic work.
Göteborg, Sweden
Aug 2001 - Jan 2005
Graphic Designer
An instructive work journey. Now considered to be my 3,5 year introduction to the graphic design and marketing business. A time characterized by high pace and huge volumes of final art and graphic design work. Entered without any previous experience - left with a relevant skill set.
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