Joshua Burkert is currently based in the city of Munich, located in beautiful Germany. His work includes cinematography, photography, Virtual Reality and film editing.

Nice Price | commercial

"Nice Price - Bis and Ende der Welt" is a commercial production for Sony Music in cooperation with the MediaMarktSaturn Retail Group.
The clip was running in all of Germany's Saturn and Media Markt stores.

30s | UHD 4K
Producer: Julia Zon, Michael Tremmel, Chris Roemer | Director: Chris Roemer | D.o.P.: Joshua Burkert | Cast: Ludwig Wüst

Lederwerker | commercial

LEDERWERKER is an epic commercial about a modern day armorer who prepares to fight the dark evil which is lingering in the surrounding woods of the small village.
Director: Chris Roemer | Cinematographer: Joshua Burkert | Customer: Lederwerker

Brennberg | feature

BRENNBERG is the portrait of the eponymous former coal mining village located on what once used to be the Iron Curtain. Empty spaces, singular, ghostlike figures and a bunch of animals inhabit the place. Yet, there is also the joy of music and the legend of a man in the forest finding coal. The film shows the banality of the village life as well as it searches for traces of its history. Somewhere in-between the fire is still burning.

Edition 9 | commercial

EDITION 9 is a video about a prestigious residential project in the heart of Munich by the EUROBODEN architectural company.

Fragmente einer Trauerarbeit | feature

FRAGMENTS OF GRIEVING tells the story of three friends that try to overcome the loss of their best friend Patrick. It is a film about knowing where to go after someone close died. It documents the attempt of three friends to find a fiction that will help them to overcome their loss. The film shows how feelings of mourning are always related to fiction.

The West | personal

Las Vegas/California.
Shot on Hasselblad 503cm, 6x6 medium format color negatives

Don't Pentax My Palmtree | personal

Kauai/Molokai/O'ahu, Hawaii.
Shot on Pentax MX, 35mm black and white negatives

Los Angeles | personal

Southern California.
Shot on Full Frame 35mm digital capture.

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