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I drive people to take action.

My work has convinced strangers to try exotic new beverages, change their jobs, move their bank accounts, re-invent their appearance, and travel a quarter of the way across the globe in a religious fervour.

I've been writing for about two decades now. And my work runs the gamut. Print, broadcast, digital, social, interactive, direct mail, out-of-home, collateral and corporate communications.

Let's talk.

Washing our hands of 2020

As the end of 2020 approached, people felt anything but festive. Truform couldn’t celebrate with clients in-person. Still, we wanted to share a little joy — from a safe distance.

Instead of trying to distract from a dreadful year, we embraced it with a series of dissolving soap sheets.

DIY haircuts. Marathon Zoom meetings. Perpetual pivoting. People could wash their hands of these mundane miseries. Place the sheet in your hand and just add water to lather 2020 troubles away. Such a cathartic way to maintain healthy hand hygiene.

Soap sheet manufacturers advised that we couldn’t print on the material. Not ones to back down, we prototyped, then worked closely with the printer to produce the product at scale.

BOP Insecicide

When you have insects in your home, it puts you on edge. All you want to do is end the drama.

Capital One - Upgrade to Gold

When people with poor credit or no credit history apply for a credit card, often their only option is a secured card. The cardholder provides funds to secure against credit extended to them, with the goal of improving their credit rating over time.

To launch a new upgrade program for these customers, Capital One Canada wanted a package that did more than deliver the good news of an upgrade. They wanted to celebrate this milestone with the customer. Because for many, it took significant effort to accomplish.

CIBC Corporate Philanthropy

Event programs can be chock full of pages with large logos, "Proud sponsor", and generic ads completely unrelated to the charity or event that is being sponsored. CIBC recognized that, beyond financial support, it was equally important to demonstrate engagement through relevant, thoughtful creative.

World Vision - Water is everything

Every year, World Vision reaches out to some of its most loyal supported with a high-value package devoted to a cause that affects children worldwide. For this package, that cause was safe drinking water.

We put one solution right in the hands of these valued donors: a personal water filter that the donor could send back to a child to make an immediate difference. When they include a donation with their gift, the donor supports the long term solutions so urgently needed by millions of children around the world.

Canada Post - Postal Code Targeting

The launch of Postal Code Targeting (PCT) included online video, print, and of course, direct mail.

Video explained the defining features of PCT, guiding marketers through the its unique strengths compared to addressed or unaddressed mail.

The direct mail used an interactive experience to introduce marketers to the demographic, lifestyle and psychographic data within postal codes. But this interactive experience that didn't require downloading any apps or visiting any websites. By simply using their mobile phone, marketers could zoom in on several postal codes and see the wealth of data waiting to be leveraged.

Canada Post - maDMarketing

Canada Post was inspired by a mad scientist for the theme of their annual marketing conference: maDMarketing.

One thousand invitations were sent. It drove a 29% response rate. The format was profiled in Marketing Magazine, gaining an additional 17,000 additional impressions among our target audience.

Canada Post - Brand in Hand

What better way to announce a new whitepaper on the impact of touch than to show the impression it leaves - literally.

Canada Post - Online Retail

Canada Post can support online retailers at every stage of the sales cycle. These high-impact pieces were developed with two key audiences in mind: Health & Beauty and Fashion.

Montefiore Medical Center

Every year at a gala event, Montefiore Medical Center celebrates those staff members who embody the spirit of "Doing More", presenting them with the President's Award. A video introduces the recipients to the audience.

For this year, we created a scenario that would have them tell us in their own words why "Doing More" matters, and then captured their authentic reactions to learning they received Montefiore's highest honour.

Union Gas - Home Reno Rebate - Radio

Homeowners usually don't even think of energy-saving home improvements until it comes time to repair or replace something, like their furnace – and then it's done reluctantly.

We turned this potential bad-news scenario into a good news one, helping homeowners see that making several improvements at once could be the start of saving money with the Union Gas Home Reno Rebate program.

Union Gas - Home Weatherization Program

When you're struggling to make ends meet, getting free insulation and lowering your gas bills sounds too good to be true. But that's precisely what low-income households can receive through the Home Weatherization Program.

We created a series of three short videos to help homeowners understand what was involved. First, real-life participants talked about their own experiences, communicating that the program was the real deal. Then, two accompanying videos took viewers through the process, alleviating the anxiety and reducing hesitation in making to call to see if they qualified.

The videos were posted on the Union Gas website and also linked to through postings on Facebook. Union Gas soon found themselves dialing back on spend, as the number of qualifying households rapidly exceeded the energy assessors and installers available to meet the market demand.


Many businesses know they are sitting on a goldmine with their customer data.

However, they lack the expertise or resources to mine the data effectively to take it beyond first-level thinking,

Truth is, having data alone is not enough. Analysis and insight can be used to develop much richer information, which can used in many ways a client may never have even considered before.

World Vision - Spring

A few times a year, World Vision child sponsors receive a small gift in the mail to return to their sponsored child. These modest "bouncebacks" encourage donations while strengthening the sponsor's bond to their sponsored child.

One March, sponsors opened their mailboxes to see an envelope looking back at them. A window revealed a lenticular mask inspired by the spring saying "in like a lion, out like a lamb." With a tip of the head, a child can be brave or playful. This inventive yet modest gift inspired sponsors to return the gift along with a donation.

World Vision - Water banners

World Vision secured a site takeover, but out budget lacked the bandwidth to use rich media for larger impact.

Instead, we coordinated three animated banners. Each banner stood on its own, while working alongside the other banners. We achieved rich-media impact, but at a fraction of the cost.

GM Optimum Used Vehicles

The client asked for a series of banner ads that would stand out, create maybe a little controversy. And a little sex appeal might be nice too.

But above all, they wanted to promote the key benefits of purchasing a GM Optimum Used Vehicle instead of any other used car.

We proposed two series, each with its own edge, and each with a customized landing page for continuity of message.

Ontario Savings Bonds

In 2009 with financial uncertainty on the horizon, Ontario Savings Bonds offered a safe and secure way to invest your funds with confidence. It also offered an investment that could bolster the provincail economy by supporting local projects and initiatives.

Since Ontario Savings Bonds are only available for 3 weeks of the year, it was important to develop new creative that could cut through and drive action. And it did. Television, radio, print outdoor and online combined to drive sales nearly 400% over the previous year.

Porsche - client pitch

Pitching to become Porsche Canada's AOR required a delicate balancing act. Ads needed to hold true to the Porsche brand, while incorporating a voice and sensibility that would resonate with Canadians.
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