mark lowe

Creative Director/Writer/Director

If you've ever wondered how the son of a Chinese-Jamaican mother and a Polish-American father who spent most of his formative years in the developing world ends up in advertising, then this bio's for you.

It begins in political advertising, helping candidates get to Congress. From there I jumped over, working on BMW Motorcycles, Mercedes and Jetblue at MNH&P; BSSP on Jansport, Lucas Arts and Converse; Segdwick Rd. on WaMu, Nintendo and Tower Records; BBDO on Blu-ray and Air New Zealand; mcgarrybowen on Burger King, Maserati and Verizon; MRY on Visa; Wunderman on Coca-Cola and Spectrum; and 360i on Coffeemate, Simply Orange, and Stella.

I've worked on just about every category, helped start a couple production companies, directed a lot of my recent work, won a fair amount of pitches and awards, and have been told I'm enjoyable to be around, even by people who I don't call mom.

That's my (somewhat) short story. Would love to hear yours.

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