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Ashland, OR

To create exciting designs that keep your brand at the forefront of it's category.

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  • Creative Director / Partner
    Long Island, NY
    May 2010 - Present
    ROAR Beverages
    Responsible for product packaging design, product photography, all point of purchase and marketing material.
    Flavor testing, working with co-packers and distributers to launch marketing materials, keynote presentations and set up new accounts with campaigns and strategies.
  • Freelance Designer
    Ashland, OR
    Nov 2013 - Present
    Vapor HQ
    Create over 45 unique label designs for an e-cigarette company the helps users taper off smoking cigarettes.

    Duties included Create labels for the complete line of vapor juice. Product photography of bottles, create packing material for in store displays, social media presence and images, all marketing material as well as a custom line of electronic cigarette's.
  • Creative Director / Partner
    Ashland, OR
    Feb 2011 - Jul 2013
    Praxis Footwear
    I was responsible for all footwear design, product photography, product displays, marketing material, keynote presentations, apparel design, website design and function.

    Fly to Xiamen, China 2-3 times a year to oversee manufacturing and product development.
  • Designer/ Owner
    Ashland, OR / Los Angeles, CA
    Jan 2008 - 2011
    Design, build and create a clean timeless website, business cards and promotional material for Foundry.
    Interior design a progressive and minimal physical store location in Ashland, OR
    Design and spec original garments made from hemp/bamboo/organic cotton. Design and build micro site, create illustrations and original artwork for apparel, print and hang tags.
  • Freelance Designer
    Jan 2008 - Present
    Rome Snowboard Design Syndicate
    Create Tech illustrations and original artwork for Rome Snowboards.
    Also packaging and binding designs, marketing and keynote presentations.
  • Freelance Designer
    Los Angeles, CA
    May 2008 - Present
    Arbor Snowboards
    Create illustrations and original artwork for Arbor Snowboards as well as apparel designs and packing. POP and marketing materials.
  • Freelance Designer
    San Diego, CA
    Mar 2008 - Present
    Liquid Force
    Design wake and kite boards, packing material for bindings, boardshorts and apparel designs.
  • Freelance creative, photographer, illustrator
    LA, NY
    May 2007 - Dec 2008
    Hertz Corporation
    Travel across the USA and photograph all auto makes and models that Hertz rents. Then create illustrations and tech info for worldwide print material.
  • Freelance Designer / Technical Illustrator
    Brisbane, CA
    May 2006 - Present
    Monster Cable Products
    Worked with a team to create innovative packaging.
    Lead illustrator creating 100% vector - realistic technical illustrations for all products and printed material.
  • Freelance designer/ illustrator
    New York, NY
    Jun 2007 - Present
    Staple Design
    Create illustrations and original artwork for HBO and various clients through Staple Design/ Jeff Staple