Robyn Stern

I love making things. Doing things. And being a tiny piece in the bigger scheme of things (I also love politics, Pitbulls and mountain air; but let's keep this professional). I hate advertising as people define it. I prefer to make connections and shift culture. Data is important but it isn't the whole story.

As a female CD, I know you can’t be what you don’t see. So being a role model and a mentor is the core of my management style. I’m strong, passionate and forthcoming. I can’t help it, I’m a New Yorker. I’m also compassionate, a good listener and a softie, especially when it comes to my niece and nephews.

You can find my work in the pages of Archive, shortlisted at Cannes and in award annuals. But what you won’t find anywhere are my proudest achievements—watching my team flourish while creating work that we’re proud of and that was fun to make.

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It's unbelievable what you can do in the new Toyota Prius. Like, producing the highest gender equality scores to date (according to research firm Millard Brown) — 48pts. higher to be exact. Like receiving high model recall scores and consideration of the brand to the tune of 9.3% over the national sales goal quota during campaign flight; not to mention handling the snow like a champ and outrunning runaway doughnuts.

This campaign also included audio ads (the medium formerly known as radio), a NatGeo Paid Partnership, digital content, weather related videos and social posts by Chloe Kim.


Upon moving to Los Angeles, the (formally San Diego) Chargers had to prove who they are and what they will bring to Los Angeles. To do that, we tapped into a visual language and a cultural landscape unique to LA—street artists.


Brand work comes in many forms. For Toyotathon, this sales event campaign took a different approach to end of year savings. While others were screaming it from the rooftop, we tapped into the emotional roller coaster many experience during the holidays. As for RAV4, comedy combined with culturally relevant events made this launch a success both on and offline.


During the height of the 2012 Presidential election, Purina asked America to end the age old debate once and for all—is America a cat country or a dog country?


FIJI Water remains untouched by humankind until you open the cap. To drive that point home, this digital and AR experience gives people the opportunity to see what certain cities looked like before they were touched by humans.
The cities highlighted in the web experience were also featured on the FIJI Travel Blog.


Four times a year, Toyota has a sales event. The spots here are some of the highest performing spots to date. These also show that retail advertising can be creative.


We helped Castrol Oil launch their newest product, Elixion Oil, by targeting the top 250 Chief Truck Fleet Officers.


Our team created social content that helped extend the life of the POM Wonderful characters, and engage consumers in a way that was unique to the campaign.


I don't like the term side hustle. That implies my main job is not important. It is. However, I am more than just a Creative Director and these projects are a glimpse into my passions.

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