Stephen Salomon
Graphic Designer
New York, NY
Available Full Time, Freelance / Part time, Willing to relocate

Graphic Designer
Web Designer
Creative Director
Animation / Motion
4 years exp.
Bachelor (4 yr.)
Mid Level

About Me

Having a background in Fine Arts and Illustration prior to delving further into the creative world by seeking out formal training in Graphic Design at the Art Institute and Parsons has been an interesting journey. I've had the pleasure of learning how to work with different mediums and in different genres of design over the last 4 years. My strengths lie in print, and editorial design but I am also very familiar with information design, motion graphics, web design and development. My work is usually mixed media that ranges from illustrative to photographic with an incorporation of typographic elements that uses digital, print, and even fabric as it's substrate. I'm always eager to create as well as always eager to learn.