How Much Does It Cost To Hire A Private Detective In Birmingham?

Surveillance costs

Like anything in life, the cost of a private detective can vary with what you actually want them to perform while in the job. It also will depend on what agency you are hiring, how much experience the private detective has, among other things. However, here are the average costs of hiring a private detective Birmingham.

Surveillance costs

In average, surveillance will cost you $57 (£45). However, this price in affected mainly by ten things. First, number of operatives needed for your issue, the depth of the report, the information required (photo, footage, circumstantial), whether you hire covert or overt, what are of Birmingham you are hiring in, technical surveillance, video editing included, how often you contact your investigator, exact locations, and planning of the surveillance.

Vehicle tracking costs

In average, a vehicle tracking service will cost you about $86 (£72) per day. The cost depends on the number of days, use of GPS and life tracking, live streaming service, satellite tracking, and communication while tracking.

Debtor location costs

This service costs around $230 (£199) per search. This price might be affected by the persons last known address, last time subject was spotted, and how much background information you can provide before the investigation begins.

Phone forensics costs

One of the most expensive services, phone forensics will have an average cost of $600 (£500) per phone. This price can be affected by how much information it is available in the initial memory, the memory type, whether the phone is a smartphone or not, and the operating system of the device.

Computer forensics costs

For a PC, the cost will be around $840 (£700). This cost might be affected by the virus strength for the computer (how destructive it is, for example), the level of data corruption (amount of damage), the operating system of the device, the model of the PC, the amount of fraudulent activity you wish to retrieve, and the amount of information available to be retrieved.

Lie detector test cost

Around £400 per test. Depends on a series of factors though. Among them is the amount of lie detector tests you are asking for. Also, where you want the test to take place in, and whether a meeting room will be required for this test or not. Finally, the reason why the test is being conducted, seen as sexual abuse, for example, might require extra planning from the private detective.

Matrimonial Investigations costs

When hiring a private detective Birmingham couples tend to be different from the rest of investigations. That is why the average cost of this investigation is of £45 the hour. These costs are affected by how complex the relationship investigation is, how much background information is given before starting the investigation, the residence of the subject of investigation, how long the subject of investigation has been married to the person hiring, and what technology will need to be used in order to gather the information needed.

When it comes to private detectives Birmingham offers a variety of services apart from these, however, the ones listed above are the most common.

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