Starting A Package Tracking Software Business

Package tracking software

Package tracking software has been able to solve the problem of tracking packages during movement. Thus it has created a huge boost in the industry in terms of both customer delivery and file and parcel movement in corporate industries. In some businesses, it has even boosted its net worth to a huge amount by retaining its resources and focusing on other productive matters. So basically it's a game-changer for anyone or any business that involves product movement. Thus If one once to get into the package tracking software business I would suggest I would give him the go-ahead because the software has been a necessity in so many ways. Thus the following would be the market to conquer

  1. Corporate offices

Corporate offices need this kind of software more than anyone. Firstly corporate offices have an organization structure that consists of departments. Thus files mostly move between departments thus creating the need for an internal and an inbound package delivery tracking software to track the movement of files. And not only that they also need security software that provides them with good storage methods and thus the package tracking software can be ideal for them.

  1. Education institutions

Education institutions such as colleges, schools, universities all store data in either file systems or in more advanced communities they tend to use digital databases. Thus just like corporate offices they too have an organization structure that consists of departments. Hence the movement of files is also inevitable making the internal package tracking software ideal for it

  1. Mailroom incorporated business

In the mailroom, they need a specific mailroom tracking system (mailroom software) that can track

  • The movement of incoming mails
  • The movement of outgoing mails
  • Track time of mail movement
  • To keep records of the history of mail movement
  • In the case of the package, data log mailroom software is essential. In this, the software incorporated with either a QR code system or Bar code system to process package information at an instant.

Thus the location can be anywhere but just know this if you choose to sell it in the big countries your software has to have a better value proposition than the other software that is in the market. But I would advise you to go and study the countries that are currently undergoing an analog to digital shift and that’s where the jackpot is. Ideally African countries since they are undergoing a rapid technological change providing a huge uncompetitive market)

The value proposition

In the value proposition focus on the following

  1. Processing speed

Customers are more ideal to choose tracking software with a high processing speed because the better the speed the faster the work.

  1. Interface

The interface is important because it gets to attract the customer to use and choose your software over others. Thus in interface make sure your software is work-friendly and easy to use. Also, make sure it as attractive features that ease the work of the typist.

  1. Price

Now in most officers, they tend to sell the software as a package. But you will have to look at the bigger picture. You'll have to create a price model that will kill off the competition, bring ease to the customer and be convenient for you too at the same time. Thus this will be a win, win situation for both parties.

How to sell it?

The most ideal way of selling this software is by subscription. The subscription model will involve you getting a small amount of fee on a monthly or annual basis depending on the choice of package to your customer. The good thing about this is that you'll have a large pool of customers paying that small amount of money for a long period if possible for eternity.


Package tracking software is on the demand since it's first inevitable and secondly, it has proven to be of value in a lot of the big corporations in the industry.

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