Greek News on Athens, Greek Islands and Immigration

Latest news from Greece

Greece has continued to develop into a more stable economy since its recovery from recession began in early 2019. The jobs are returning, the sectors which were in a dilapidated state due to the economic meltdown have started to get a breath of fresh air and things are returning to normal. When it comes to anything concerning Greece, you are likely to hear the word “Athens” mentioned. Greece’s most precious city, Athens, which serves as the capital today has a long and ancient historical standing. Most of the great thinkers and leaders of schools of thought on whose schematics many have excelled in the world today were citizens of the Athenian state in ancient times. The city has a rich cultural history and is a vital destination in the country. The city of Athens has continued to experience a steady rate of growth and improvement since the end of the financial debt crisis. The city has shown signs of quick economic recovery but has also been plagued by some issues.

Latest news from Greece currently asserts that the labour unions have called for a general strike to take place in Athens and other cities. This is in direct opposition to the controversial development bill which seeks to privatize some sectors of the economy, causing unemployment and salary cuts to some present members of the union. The strike has crippled some parts of the economy as most workers in several municipalities have downed their tools in support of the strike action. Other latest news coming from Athens also reveals that banks are experiencing more in terms of deposit money bank returns

Greek islands are a source of beauty and revenue to Greece. It is also a part of the country’s heritage and identity as some of the island tourist sites have been listed as UNESCO World Heritage Sites. This brings a lot of prestige to the Greek tourism industry. The islands have all you need when it comes to scenery, culture, cuisine and other stuff you’re looking to get from a holiday in Greece.

Apart from the rural-urban migration problem sparked by the decade-long financial debt crisis, the Greek state has also been plagued by immigration problems. Immigrants from some Arabian and African nations have continued to illegally immigrate into Greece in massive droves. This has caused a crowd control and emergency response headache to the refugee situation. Many refugees in the few camps set up for them live in squalid conditions. There are also reports of refugees living in overcrowded camps at a ratio of 4 persons to a space made for 1. This shows that the situation in Greece has continued to degenerate at a very worrying rate.

Greek islands have not been left out of the immigration crisis as some islands are currently congested and de-congestion efforts by the Greek immigration services have little effects on stabilizing the population inflow. The immigration crisis is not being helped by the neighbouring countries of Greece as there are reports that the countries bordering Greece deliberately allow illegal immigrants to pass through their borders onto the Greek coastline and island region. Such reports have been denied and branded as “fake news”, but the immigrant problem continues to increase through the suspected route. The busiest entry point for illegal immigrants into Greece is the island city of Lesbos which is one of the closest islands to neighbouring Turkey.

There have been calls for the mass expulsion of illegal immigrants from Greece, and this motion led to the formulation of the right wing political party Golden Dawn, well known for its anti-immigrant and anti-establishment propaganda. However, the recent massive loss of the party at the parliamentary elections proves that the Greek people value the lives and wellbeing of others, even if they aren’t Greek nationals. This is one of the reasons why the Greek nation thrives when it comes to tourism because of the welcoming nature of her citizenry.


The Greek nation is currently returning to a balanced state, and the current challenges the nation is facing are surmountable because of their resilience and welcoming nature.

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