Basic Qualities of Good Webinar Software

Not all webinar software is equal. But good webinar software should contain certain features that enhance and fascinate a large audience.

Webinar Software

Webinar Software:

Given below are certain features that good webinar software should contain and the host should use these features to engage the large audience:

Ability to customize each webinar session:

  1. The good webinar software allows you to customize all aspects of your webinar to relate to the company's design aesthetic.
  2. This type of designing feature will enhance the professional image that you are trying to showcase on behalf of the company to a large audience.
  3. This feature of the webinar software will also help you to give assurance to the large audience and the audience will feel more connected.
  4. This webinar software gives such feature like:
  5. Changing the theme colors.
  6. Customize invitation
  7. Add logos or branding options.
  8. Landing page layout.

These are the features that webinar software offers. The more features the webinar software offers can be considered as best.

Ability to share your screen with participants:

  1. The ability to share the screen so that the large audience during webinar could develop a connection is the most important feature of the webinar software.
  2. This increases the retention rate of the audience and it also encourages the large audience to engage in the webinar.
  3. The host may use this feature as the white blackboard to represent flow charts, diagrams, important noteworthy points, etc, or directly share the presentation, images, videos, etc.

Ability to conduct live polls for the audience:

  1. Some webinars can have live polling as one of the great features, for a good reason.
  2. It gives the large audience to get engaged in the webinar and the one beneficiary point is the host gets quick rest for the same.
  3. It will also give the output of the webinar, which generates a clear idea of the view of the large audience about the webinar, product, or content.
  4. Beyond all this, a survey concluded that 80% of the people love and enjoy answering polls.
  5. It gives a clear vision of what improvements are needed in the webinar.

Ability to add social media and email integration:

  1. The easiest and fastest way to increase subscribers is via emails and social media.
  2. This feature allows the host, to automatically add those audiences that have registered for the webinar (via social media or e-mail) to your email list.
  3. This will then generate a message from a host to indicate important access instructions, time, date of the webinar as the time and day of the webinar comes closer, and the mail will be sent to everyone on the list as a reminder.

Ability to record the webinar session:

  1. As we all know, a large audience can't attend a live webinar session.
  2. So this new feature of the webinar software enables you to record the live webinar session.
  3. The good webinar software also gives the feature to edit the live webinar session so that only valuable, prior content could be posted online.
  4. Through this feature, many people visit the original website, and eventually the subscriber's increase.


In the webinar software, new features are being added every year to enhance the effective meeting strategy. The new webinar strategy is to bring more advantages in comparison with in-person meetings. But these also require proper guidance to use the proper feature in a proper way to increase efficiency.

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