4 Things to Do for a High Ranking Webpage

High Ranking Webpage

It’s a wild wild web out there. With more than 1.7 billion websites and even more web pages, it becomes paramount for people and companies to rank high their websites on search engines. A majority of people go there first to see which content, product or service they want information on. This, in turn, leads to competition among various website owners to put content that is appealing, engaging and involving. Even if you are ranked on the search engine, but not high enough to get the attention of web surfers, then it is as good a lost cause; as people don’t go beyond a few pages on a search engine.

So the 4 things that you need to keep in mind to ace the search engine race:

  • Don’t Overuse Keywords

Many tech experts are of the view that using the keywords too much on a given page or in articles, is the surest way to get banned by search engines. The reason for this is that there is generally not much valuable information that goes in writing an article and secondly, the article seemed to have been written specifically for that keyword. Many professional writers, as well as the best writing service providers, opine that sparingly using the keywords is one of the best search engine strategy.

  • Link to Relevant content

To make any online article very relevant and trustworthy, it is essential that you link to other websites that would enhance the knowledge base of your users, in addition to making your content stand out as factual and accurate.

People who have been doing this, in due course also get a lot of websites linking back to their website as a courtesy. This makes for a win-win situation for everyone in the virtual world.

  • ‘Touch’ The Reader

For a content to go viral there are many components, such as the brand and the people behind it, the marketing effort, the timing of the content release etc. But most tech pundits hold the perspective that despite so many factors, your content should create an emotional bond with the people. The question you should ask yourself is: does your content inspire people, or make them angry, or make them teary-eyed and so on. It is this connect at the deepest level that will be the key to beat the fierce competition online, which always increases on a daily basis.

  • Write in Point forms

This is the most loved format of writing online. If you’re reading a book, then a paragraph style writing is good enough. But when you are creating content for an online audience, it better be in a point form (as this article is) as attention span is very short in the virtual world and people need information in a comprehensible and a crisp manner. Thus, writing in an informative style is suggested.

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