Coming up with custom shirt designs – things you need to keep in mind

If you do not like the common shirt designs in the market, you can come up with a customized option. It is not going to cost a lot and also provides you with a lot of freedom to design your own canvas. Coming up with a custom design is not a tough job either. It hardly takes some time but a great deal of imagination. Below mentioned are some points that can help you to customize your shirt in an effective way.

  1. Simple designs

One of the best tips for custom shirt design is to keep things simple. Simplicity is the new key to elegance. It can help you to look stunning as well as unique. You do not need to use the entire canvas. If you know how to play with art, you can just use minimal portions of the shirt and yet come up with something that everyone is going to admire. You can even use the basic techniques to custom design your shirt at home but it is better to leave some things for the professionals.

  1. Detailing

Simple design does not rule details out of your concept. Detailing always plays a crucial role in all design process – be it a custom shirt or any other thing. It is better to dedicate some time to curving out the details on your design. Everyone will be appreciating the ability of your drawing when the pay close attention to its detailing. And they are sure to do that. Detailing is the secret to create any masterpiece and it is this aspect that helps any simple design to make the mark.

  1. Humor

It is not necessary to come up with intellectual ideas for your custom shirt design. Being humorous is one of the greatest options to consider if you want a custom shirt that you can wear at casual occasions or while hanging out with your friends. You can choose a funny comic representation or a joke to be printed in parts on your shirt. You can run your wild imagination to spice up any design and add on to its humor level.


Quotes are one of the latest trends to wear. It can be any message that you want to present to the world or a love text for your girlfriend/boyfriend. You can even use some enlightenment quotes if you want to strike the awe among your friends. It can serve two purposes at the same time. Firstly, you get a design that will be appreciated by all. To add on, you can work to raise the universal awareness. If you are planning to attend any environmental or protest campaigns, this is the best idea for you to look into. It is going to be simple and does not require detailing to great extents.

  1. Right color choice

Choosing the perfect combination of colors is essential no matter whatever design you choose. It is even more essential if you are choosing to customize your shirt design with a character or interactive pattern. The color of the design must complement the fabric color of the shirt as well. You can also choose an intriguing combination if you want to be at the center of attraction. But be ready to answer the queries of all those around you.

  1. Market options

Customized designs for shirts have been one of the rising trends and a lot of individuals have turned on to this to complement their looks. You must take note that your design is not common among the ones normally available in the market. If you are considering the common sellers in your region, you can provide them with your own design and request them to design something specifically for you and get it copyrighted. But that may cost you a bit more than their regular service.

Overall, custom designs have been rocking the garments industry in the latest times. It is not limited to just shirts and t-shirts. Rather, it has spread its wings over a lot of other items as well. Custom designed mugs, photo frames, handkerchiefs are just some of the options.

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