Your Guide to Finding the Best Lutron Shades Dealers

As the general movement towards at-home automation continues to advance, people are finding new ways to bring their homes into the 21st century. Over the past few years, the market for automatic shades has dramatically increased. Though there are currently many different automatic shade manufacturers to choose from, Lutron has emerged as one of the industry leaders.

Most automatic shading systems will need to be customized to fit your home. Consequently, the prices, services, and packages you may find at one Lutron partner may not be the same as the ones you find at another. Taking the time to compare the several different Lutron shades dealers will undeniably be worth the effort.

In this article, we will discuss the most important things for you to know about Lutron shades and how you can find the Lutron dealer that is right for you. With the proper installation of a Lutron shades system, you can immediately begin to add value and utility to your home or office.

Lutron Shades System

The Benefits of Choosing a Lutron Shades System

Unsurprisingly, consumers are currently finding that they have more options (and providers) to choose from than ever before. Though it is certainly worth the time to consider each of the shading choices you may have available, there are several important reasons why Lutron has positioned themselves atop the industry.

  • Lutron has a firm commitment to providing each of its clients with valuable energy savings. This is done through the use of energy-efficient systems and the ability to preset when shades/lights are on/off. Consequently, these shades are both good for the environment as well as your wallet.
  • Lutron also has also placed an increased emphasis on helping its clients get more control of their systems. When integrated with other at-home systems, it becomes easy to manage shading, lighting, and security systems from a single centralized location.
  • Lutron is a lifestyle-focused brand that allows its consumers to choose a plan that works for their home. This means that even if your home has unconventional dimensions (height, width, etc.), uniquely shaped windows, or anything else that prompts the need for customization, you are not without options.

In general, the Lutron brand seeks to add value to every home that it is installed in. Lutron consistently looks for feedback from its clients in order to make further improvements in the future. Additionally, the company also has a well-developed network of dealers and other suppliers. This makes it possible for the client’s questions to be promptly answered and for them to get the support they deserve. There is likely a Lutron dealer in your area who is ready to provide you with at-home solutions.

Palladiom Shading Systems

Currently, one of the most popular products that Lutron dealers currently offer is their Palladiom Shading Systems. Though these systems will indeed need to be installed by professionals who are familiar with the equipment involved, purchasing one of these systems still affords you a considerable degree of flexibility.

There are several different reasons why Lutron Palladiom Shading Systems have become so incredibly popular over the past few years. They have been described as “the perfect way to bring style, comfort, and convenience to your home or office.” Other benefits of using these shades include their remarkably silent operations, their ability to keep unsightly electronics hidden from view, and their aesthetically brilliant exposed roller design. Asking a certified Lutron dealer about their aesthetic appeal or functionality may be able to help you find a solution that is suitable for your home.

Platinum and Diamond Lutron Partners

In order to encourage their partners to continue improving over time, Lutron has helped promote a system that awards some providers with the special title of “Platinum Partner” and “Diamond Partner.” In order to earn this title, the Lutron shades dealer will need to establish a strong understanding of the products they provide, an understanding of how Lutron systems can be effectively integrated, and demonstrate a history of providing quality service for their clients.

There are many different at-home “environments” in which a Lutron shading system can potentially be utilized. This includes your home theatre, any areas of your home that receive a large amount of sunlight, your bedroom, various outdoor spaces, and numerous others. In order to receive the title of being a Platinum or Diamond Partner, Lutron dealers will need to familiarize themselves with the unique dynamics involved in each of these spaces.

Not all Lutron suppliers have earned the status of “Platinum Partner” or “Diamond Partner”, meaning that these titles are indeed an exceptional honor. If you are considering using Lutron shades for your next big home improvement project, you should begin by searching for Lutron Platinum and Diamond Partners in your area. This way, you can assure that you are getting the highest quality of knowledge, experience, and installation that is currently available.

Finding the Perfect Solutions for Your Home

If you are someone who is considering installing any “smart home” systems, then you will surely need to do a significant amount of research before making any financial commitments. There are many different brands, dealers, and systems available—each of these will have various pros and cons associated with them.

For individuals who are considering using Lutron shading systems for their home, there are a few important things they should keep in mind when shopping around:

  • Using a Lutron Platinum or Diamond dealer is the only way to assure you are getting the absolute best service available
  • It may help to know the dimensions, directions, and other limitations of the space before you contact your Lutron dealer
  • Though Palladiom Shading Systems are among Lutron’s most popular products, they are not the only system that is currently being offered—contact your Lutron dealer in order to better understand your options
  • Prices and features (color, fit, orientation, etc.) can be adjusted for customized projects

With the right shading system in place, your home will be able to enjoy an immediate increase in value. Aesthetics, convenience, and energy efficiency are just a few of the systematic benefits that Lutron has to offer. However, even once you have found a licensed Lutron Shading System provider in your area, you may still have quite a few questions.

  • What can be done to decrease the cost of this project? Are there are any special deals that are currently available?
  • Do these shades come with a warranty? What are the benefits of choosing a Lutron Platinum or Diamond Partner?
  • How can Lutron shading systems be effectively integrated with other smart home systems I’ve been considering? Are there are any bulk discounts available?

Once you have been able to speak with a Lutron expert, you will be able to determine whether one of these shading systems is right for your home.


The smart home revolution is currently alive and well. Though there are many different ways you can improve your home, one of the first things you might want to consider is installing an automatic shading system. Lutron has already established themselves as one of the dominant brands in the automatic shading industry. By working with a Platinum or Diamond Lutron Partner, you can find a shading system that works for you and immediately adds value to your home or office.

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