Top Internet and Digital Marketing Companies in the Bay Area


The world is the internet. Life would not be the same as it is today had it not been for the broad access of internet. It is not that every one of the seven billion plus people on this planet has access to the internet. However, the vast majority does, and it is they who make the remaining people aware of what is happening all around them. Since so many people have access to the internet and are increasingly spending their time in front of their screens on mobile devices or desktops, there has been an increasing need for companies to transform their services so that they can make a place for their services and products in the busy schedule of their target market.

The Bay Area internet marketing has seen a surge over the past few years. There are so many companies around the place offering internet marketing services that it is difficult to decide which one to opt for.

To make these decisions easy for you and to help you with having a better presence on the search engines, we have added a list of top 3 companies operating in Bay Area internet marketing.

  • Seven Atoms Inc

It is one of the leading digital marketing companies in the area. It aims to help companies with marketing their services and products to customers through their online platforms. They use a variety of top-notch strategies by incorporating social media, SEO, content market, and PPC. All this aimed at helping their clients to enhance their outreach and business. It is a HubSpot certified company and is a partner with Google. They have been working with a diverse set of clientele, which makes them ideal for almost any sort of industry. They have the knowledge and proficiency in the flow of work in different industries such as financial, medical and commerce. It is what helps them to get an edge over its' marketing competitors.

  • Metric Theory

This agency has an office not only in San Francisco, but it also provides its services to clients in New York, Orange County, and Denver. They have clients such as Carvana, GoFundMe, Personal Credit, Too Faced and over 400 more. Their specialization focused on enhancing results for clients in B2B businesses, consumer applications, e-commerce websites, new startups, and consumer brands. Each client has their strategist, who has the know-how of that particular industry; so that they can easily get a better understanding of the issues a company is facing and how to overcome them. The company is aiming at developing customized strategies for each client so that they know where they stand and how they would be able to reach a wide segment of their customers.

  • RSO Consulting

It is another one of an internet marketing company in the Bay Area which needs to be on this list. It is a company which provides its clients with online advertising and marketing services. They specialize in optimizing social media presences, search engine optimization, offering consultancy on web analytics and paid search management. Google AdWords and Google Analytics certify the company. The company not only has an office in San Francisco but also operates in Spain. The company has been providing services to a variety of companies all over the world, and they have employees speaking different languages, including Thai, Spanish, German, Farsi, Korean, French and Chinese. It is a dynamic company offering dynamic services.

There are numerous companies in the Bay Area offering internet marketing services. The ones we have mentioned on this list are at the top of their game. They are not just providing their clients with services to advertise online; instead, they are helping them with complete strategies so that they can make digital marketing an integral part of their organization. So if you are looking for a Bay Area internet marketing company, these are our top choices, which would help you the most.

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