MSNBC VS NBC - See more inside details about these TV programs


NBC is the oldest news station in the US which was originally created as a radio station and later on the TV station was added. Years later CNBC was created as a financial news coverage that broadcasts everything in the financial world and after that MSNBC was created with Microsoft partnership to cover all-news around the world. NBC now covers entertainment and news, MSNBC covers the news and anything related to that such as analysis, comments and different shows to discuss the recent events. CNBC is all about the finances.

Are MSNBC and NBC the same thing

MSNBC was originally created by NBC and Microsoft partnership and after Microsoft dissolved the partnership NBC with 82% stake controls most of MSNBC. NBC is owned by Comcast. so you can say that both of these channels are owned by the same company.

Differences between MSNBC and NBC

  • NBC slogan: More colorful, MSNBC slogan: the place for politics
  • Although these news channels are both from the same genre and owned by the same company there are some competitions over the news coverage.
  • MSNBC live covers all news while NBC broadcasts entertainments as well as the news.
  • NBC broadcasts tv shows, kids shows, sports, and many other entertainments and a very small part of their schedule is news coverage. MSNBC live stream covers news all day and all week. Following that there are many political analysis and discussions and award-winning documentaries on this channel.
  • MSNBC is the most watched news channel and very popular with people. NBC is known for it entertainment programs.

MSNBC live streaming covers the most recent news all over the world. Following the news, there are different programs that people find very useful and educational. For those people who want to be updated with the latest news, MSNBC is a great channel. Some other people want to educate themselves about the event or about some political issues that have been going on. MSNBC offers programs that discuss different political movements and analyze them. Listening to an expert analysis about a recent event is very important for those people who are interested or their career requires a lot of different information and different perspective of any matter. Many politics are using this platform as a way to reach the people. One of the most important parts of a media especially a news channel is the way politicians use this channel and the way the channel lets the politicians use the channel.

MSNBC aims to gain more listeners and more viewers and to achieve that, it is important to make sure that people trust this channel. So, up to some point they try to control what is being said and how the politicians are using the channel or what words they use when they are talking about different events. The journalists, reporters, anchors, experts and anyone who comes on the shows are strictly trying to monitor the words they use.

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