Can I bring home foie gras? Tips for gourmands while traveling.

foie gras

Bringing food items while travelling can be a bit tricky. It all depends on the country you are going to travel to, their customs and what is permissible there and what is not. You will never know for sure whether you will be able to eat the food that you brought with you.

Foie gras

Foie gras is a food product that is made up out of the liver of a duck or a goose which has been especially fattened by force feeding corn which is called gavage. Foie gras is regional and it is made in parts of Europe. It is fresh and immense and should be shared with others because a can for one person can be too much.

Can you bring foie gras home?

There is no definitive answer to this. Like we said, you can never be sure and it all depends on the country where you are taking it. For instance, foie gras is particularly banned in California. So you obviously cannot take it there and if you do and get caught by the custom then they will definitely charge you. Moreover, there is a particular type of foie gras which you can bring legally into the United States and it is marked as "foie gras de conserve" meaning it has been sterilized by being cooked at a 230 Fahrenheit.

Here is the thing, some people bring the foie gras and answer some of the questions of custom officers and they let them go. While in the same situation, if someone else brings it, he may not be allowed to bring it in the country. There is no particular reason to this. It is how it is.

Many people review that they have taken the foie gras with them across different regions and they did not face any problem with the customs. You can pay extra if you want to take it with you. Also, the pro advice from these people are that always keep the food in your checked luggage.

Reasons why they won’t let you carry the food

There are many reasons i.e.

  • First and foremost, that particular food is banned in their country. So check it before bringing anything
  • The food is from the country which is going through some disease etc.
  • It is expired or can cause health issues.
  • It is in glass jars and half cooked that is why it is not allowed.

Bottom line

Buy whichever food you want and pack it under you clothes, if they scan your luggage and didn’t catch it then you are good to go and if you got caught then you will have to answer. You can call it sheer luck as well. You can lose it or you will keep it but you will never know. Generally, if your foie gras is cooked properly and packed professionally then whether it is in a plastic or tin, it does not matter. They will allow it.

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