The Best types of hurricane shutters to protect your Home

hurricane shutters

Today there are many areas in this world like Texas & Florida which have a beautifully warm climate and favorable weather most of the year. But along with this awesome weather comes with the regular risk for tropical storms as well. This tropical storm is known as a hurricane. Sometimes it becomes very difficult for the people living in that area to protect themselves even in their houses. It could be massive and huge thereby causing a lot of destruction and casualty. The solution to this unfavorable & destructive weather condition is hurricane shutters.

When these hurricanes hit your cities or the area you live in, at that moment your doors and windows are not enough to protect from these forces. Then you need to install these shutters to protect your family and avoid any damage. This is the best way to ensure that there is no casualty too.

The National Hurricane Center (NHC) has compiled the information that 36 hurricanes have struck the US from 1995 to 2017. Out of which, 13 are considered as major hurricanes of category 3 or above. If you live in a hurricane zone then prepare for your emergency store of food, water, evacuation place. Your house should be ready for such hurricanes and protect your family.

The Congressional Budget Office (CBO) reports that hurricanes cause an average of $28 billion of damage per year. By planning early, you can shield your houses and keep your family safe and secure. Below is the information on various types of hurricanes available in the market which you can avail through local or online portals.

Let’s understand what are Hurricane Shutters? Hurricane shutters are a specially designed component. It helps to protect your house and family from dust, rain, hail, wind, debris and other forces that occur during a tropical storm. Keep in mind that the average cost of shutters can vary based on the size of windows/doors, style and material.

Suggested hurricane shutter types of 2019 by Good Housekeeping Institute:

  • Technically Certified- Rolling Shutters: These are remote-controlled shutter. It gives you extra privacy and security. You can use it as per your need depending upon the hurricane occurrences. Its price is not fixed but yes it is the best of all. The manual option is also available in the market for this kind on shutters thereby reducing its price a little.
  • Value for product- AstroGaurd Fabric Storm Panels: As the name suggests, it is the fabric that is installed outside your doors and windows. Before a storm hits your area as per weather forecasting, install the shutter and afterward, you can roll it back and keep it in your storehouse. It’s easy to install and doesn’t need any technical knowledge. Its price is around %245.49 at
  • Quick Fix- Storm Panel: It is a temporary solution in-case a storm hits and there isn’t enough time to install the permanent shutter then you can use this type of shutter. It comes in different materials like steel, aluminum, or Polycarbonate. Please remember that it requires external hardware so you can mount it on your doors and windows. Its price starts from $92 and up.
  • Stylish- Colonial Shutters: This style is famous in many low-lying areas because of its customization option available as you can select its size, color, and shape as per your need. It is made up of two pieces attached to each side of the door and window. When it’s time to protect your home, just fold them towards each other.
  • Versatile- Bermuda Shutters: These are also known as Bahama Shutters and famous for its uniqueness. You can extend its arm and open up the shutter when there is no hurricane. This gives it a secondary function as a source of shade, too. These are popular in the south and tropical areas and its price varies around $350.
  • Sliding Doors- Accordion Shutters: These shutters are permanently attached to the wall. These are cheaper than rolling shutters. As a drawback, it looks bulky. It is used manually. The maintenance cost is also very low. Its price may vary according to the shape and size of the door and window. You can roll them back after use and store on side of the wall.
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