Irrational Aversion To Animals

Aversion To Animals

To be irrational is to be illogical or to be unreasonable. Humans have a very weird or unreasonable or irrational aversion to animals. This could be as a result of various reasons stemming from myth to traumatic past experiences. There are people who fear cows, dogs, cats and even snakes. Reasons may vary from one person to the other though the two most common reasons for the irrational aversion to animals is

  • A past traumatic experience

The fact that you saw a live snake biting somebody in the past should be a cloud for you to always have that unreasonable unrealistic and irrational aversion to animals such as the snakes. Or, if a dog chased you while you were young should give you that extreme fear or unreasonable reasons to loathe dogs.

  • Religious beliefs

Some religious beliefs push people into extreme and unreasonable ways such as the irrational aversion to animals. Some religions such as Christianity belief that the snake is a cursed animal and a representation of Satan. Such beliefs push people to irrational extremes of hating such animals.

  • Myths

Myths such as the belief that pigs are cursed animals with demons or the myths of owls being dark birds majorly for witchcraft may make people to irrationally hate such animals. Unfortunately, it is very hard to reverse the programed mind of a person and such thoughts may remain with a person for a very long time.

There exits the common phobia called ophidiophobia. Ophidiophobia is the extreme fear of snakes. Snakes aren’t the friendliest creatures on earth as most of them are extremely poisonous and may injure and hurt you with their venomous secretions.Snake bites can cause very grievous injuries in your body as the venom is very lethal.

Ophidiophobia may vary from person to person as some have mild or severe phobias to snakes. The difference may range from those who are unable to look even at live snakes to those who can’t stand to watch videos with the reptiles. Symptoms of ophidiophobia may include the following; fear, reduced or increased heartbeat and breathing difficulties among other symptoms.


Ophidiophobia has so many effects on you. A fear for unrelated things to snakes may creep in. a fear for the other family of snakes such as lizards and geckos my form in you. Camping, hiking and mountaineering may fade away from your life for fear of just snakes.


once the effects of ophidiophobia persist it then may be the right time to seek professional and medical help. Medics may recommend that you talk to your close friends about your fears. Controlled exposure to snakes may be assumed as a form of healing from the extreme phobia of snakes. From pictures to live snakes, you will slowly feel the phobia fading away and that will help you conquer the bad feelings.

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