Pros and Cons of the Snorkeling Masks

Snorkeling Masks

Full face snorkelling masks are becoming more and more popular every year and with good reason. They have a number of key advantages and disadvantages as listed below:


Breathing Naturally

With the help of the snorkeling mask there is no snorkel in your mouth, allowing you to breath more naturally without being obscured by anything distracting you.

No Splash

As the mask covers the whole face, it protects you from any splashes while in the water, keeping you protected at all times so you can enjoy your snorkel.

Built-in waterproof system

All full face masks are completely waterproof so no water can enter the mask. This keeps your face dry and your eyes protected. If any unwanted water does manage to squeeze into the mask then there is a purge valve which will expel it form the mask.



Because the area of the mask is greater, covering the whole face, it is more likely to be scrathced or damaged while in the water. All modern masks are sturdy enough to take scrapes and bumps but because these are bigger they are more likely to get them.

Size issues in the masks

Because of the larger size of the mask covering the whole face, finding the correct size can be tough to do. This is because it is not just covering the eyes it is covering the mouth and chin too so be sure to try on a few different sizes.

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