How to Use InsTube to Download Videos and Music for Free

Downloading Music for Free using InsTube

If it is downloading music and videos, the internet offers varying ways. You can use a downloader or find a website that provides a direct download. You can use another website like to convert YouTube videos and download them. But all these are methods you can do using your laptop or computer.

But what if you are looking for ways to “descargar musica gratis” or to download music for free, using your Android phone? Sadly, there are not a lot of options available for that. But don’t worry. A new app allows just the functions and abilities you are looking for a free music and video downloader.

Descargar Musica Gratis – Downloading Music for Free using InsTube

What does “descargar musica gratis” means? It's a Spanish phrase that means “to download music for free.” It’s a phrase you will often see on free music downloading sites, a place where you can find a solution to your entertainment and relaxation.

It’s also the phrase that perfectly describes InsTube, an Android app that lets you instantly download music and videos for free. With numerous incredible features, it allows you to freely download videos, movies, and music from different social media platforms and websites.

Top Ways to Download Music and Videos from Sites for Free

Downloading music and videos from different sites using the app is quite easy. You can do so either on the InsTube app or the specific social media app itself. Some of the websites or apps you can download via InsTube include SoundCloud, YouTube, Facebook,, IMDb, Vimeo, Vevo, and more.

Search and Download within InsTube App

First, search the video you need on the app’s homepage. Choose which site to download from, preview and confirm the download by tapping the red download button. When you do, a pop up will appear. From there, choose the correct format then tap “Fast Download” to start downloading.

Download Music or Videos from YouTube App

If you have a YouTube app, you can also download music or videos from there. Start by searching the video you want then tap the “Share” button. It will show options and the “download with InsTube” button is the option you should confirm. Choose the right format and continue downloading.

Download Videos Using YouTube URL

Another standard method to download videos using InsTube is via YouTube URL. Just paste the URL into the search bar and wait for the results. Confirm download by tapping the download button. Choose the correct format and continue by tapping “Fast Download.”

Download Music from SoundCloud

To download music from SoundCloud, open InsTube app first. From its homepage, look for the SoundCloud website. Enter and find the songs you want to download. Tap the music to show format options. Choose the correct one and wait for the download process to complete. Play it by tapping the green play button.

If it’s an all-in-one music and video downloader you are looking for, InsTube is the one for you. Easy to use, high speed, and full of features, you can use wherever you are to enjoy a world of entertainment.

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