CNN Facts

CNN Worldwide

CNN Worldwide is the most awarded brand in the cable news. It reaches the most numbers of individuals on television, on web and mobile devices than any other organization. It is the most widely distributed news channel. It is partnered with 1000 local and news organizations around the world.

Access of CNN

More than two dozen branded networks and services are available on CNN. These networks are available to 2 billion people and are broadcasted in more than 200 countries. It has 36 editorial operations around the world and consists of 3 thousand employees around the world. Its coverage is carried by 1 thousand affiliates. It reaches up to 90 million houses in the USA. The number of visitors each month reach up to 200 million. It is broadcasted to 4 hundred million houses worldwide. Watch CNN live to keep up to date.

CNN Digital Worldwide

It facilitates its users with enriching interaction with news. It provides articles, videos, images, and other interactive features. CNN Digital's global operation is based on the editorial and business operation of CNN Digital. It includes, CNNgo, videos, and mobile. It consists of 35 off-platform properties such as Google AMP, Amazon Alexa, and Facebook Watch, etc. CNN mobile delivers world-class content to multiple mobile platforms such as mobile web and videos.


It is a next-generation product. It gives its viewers an amazing news watching experience. It offers live CNN broadcasts with innumerable features. It is available on, iOS, and android mobile devices. These devices support CNN live stream. It was launched on August 30, 1995. Its program includes news, sports, business, politics, space, health, food. It is the number one online destination. CNN tops all the competitors in video, mobile and social users.

CNN new source

It has 40 editorial operations Worldwide. It was launched on October 19, 1987. It is distributed to more than 900 local news affiliates in North America. It has 200 hundred international affiliates too. Watch CNN live for breaking news, regional sports, and entertainment news. It is the industry’s most powerful newsgathering resource. It provides 24 hours of digital content. It consists of 7 live channels. It broadcast news on key topics of politics and money. CNN live stream is also available.

CNN collection

It includes more than 3 million videos. It includes CNN branded, B-roll. Its team helps fiction and non-fiction storyteller. Clients are multimedia production companies. It is also seen in feature films, television, and educational materials. It is one of the best e-commerce platform that permits bloggers and general consumers to quickly search and purchase the footage. It was launched in 1987.

CNN international

It is available in 400 million houses. It is divided into 5 separate feeds:

  • CNN international Europe/Middle East/Africa
  • CNN international South Asia
  • CNN international Asia pacific
  • CNN Latin America
  • CNN international North America

It has 27 bureaus outside the USA. Its production centers are in Atlanta, Hong Kong, London, and New York.

CNN ES Espanol

It provides continuous Spanish language news coverage. It covers all worldwide events. I broadcast an in-depth analysis. Worldwide business and financial news. It features global weather updates. It was launched on March 17, 1997. It produces 24 hour CNN live networks in a language other than English.

CNN Airport networks

It is a satellite oriented transmission. It is provided to the air travelers throughout the United State. It is a private network. These services are also available to international flyers. It is present at 50 major airports. It includes the programs of CNN live, breaking news, sports and weather updates, etc.

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