Are Vegan Protein Bars good for your Body?

Most people today have a habit of going straight for the easy option immediately after exercise or work and go for the junk food, but we know those are always the healthiest choices. If you follow a vegan diet, you’ll know finding suitable snacks to enjoy after working out can be even more difficult, however that’s slowly beginning to change as more brands start to produce tasty and nutritionally viable bars. However, vegan protein bars aren’t just great for vegans, they’re have a number of benefits for everyone. Read on and find out more!

Packed with Health Benefits

Living a healthy lifestyle can be difficult, it’s important that we pay special attention to the nutrients contained in the food we eat.Protein plays an important role in a number of systems in the body such as muscle building, and it’s essential that we get enough of it through our food through our daily diet. A deficiency in protein can lead to muscle wasting and poor health. Vegan Protein Bars contain the ideal amount of protein for your body to digest in one sitting, especially important after exercise. The latest Vegan Protein bars have been designed to suit everyone and are usually gluten-free, which is ideal if you’re gluten intolerant.

They Taste Great Now!

Look back only a few years ago and the small number of vegan bars on the market were truly awful! Now things have changed. Brands have been developing products using the best ingredients and are producing a plenty of flavoursthat taste sweet and delicious.

All-In-One Nutrients

Vegan Protein Bars are even better when fortified with additional minerals and nutrients. The best vegan bars will be nutritionally optimised to provide you with important vitamins without the need for synthetic processing or artificial ingredients.

Vegan bars are usually all-natural and usually contain none of the adulterants found in regular protein bars.

Builds Muscle

Protein plays a critical role in the building & repairing damaged muscle fibres, if you follow a vegan diet, getting enough high-quality protein can be difficult, especially when you need an on-the-go protein snack! A good vegan protein will provide all of the protein you need after a tough workout after hitting the gym so you don’t need to worry about recovery afterwards, just make sure you pop a bar in your bag for when you’re done.

Complete Protein Source

Plant-based sources of protein are often criticised for not contain ‘complete-protein’ (a source of protein made up of all 22 amino acids), which most meat and milk based products contain. Vegan Protein bars are manufactured with a mixture of protein sources to ensure they contain all 22 amino acids for a healthy body.

Easily Digestible

Normal whey protein bars can be difficult on the stomach thanks to the nature of whey. As vegan protein bars don’t use whey they’re much easier to digest and metabolize.

Healthy Heart

Both meat and dairy based protein sources can increase risks of heart diseases and cholesterol. Vegan protein sources are typically free of many of saturated fats and high sodium content found in meat and dairy making it a healthier way to meet your vegan dietary needs. Vegan Protein Bars are an excellent way to meet your dietary needs whether you’re a vegan or not.

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