Can I get a quiet place for studying for little money?

Storage units are very famous everywhere. They are versatile, practical and no matter where I go, there is always a public storage near me. But when I think of storage units, the first image that pops into my head is a somber warehouse filled floor-to-ceiling with antique and dusty stuff. I know they are great for storing furniture or personal belongings that no longer have a place in the house, but after some research, I realized there is another very interesting use for them, thanks to their features. Here is what I found:

public storage near me

  1. They tend to be quiet

Since most people just throw their belongings in storage units and then leave them for extended periods of time, even when units share common walls with those around them, they are an astonishingly quiet place to be, even with the frenzy and noise from the city just steps away.

I realized that renting one only included renting the space and I could fill it with whatever I wanted to, so I discovered that If I took a desk, a little stereo, some books and a small desk to the public storage near me, I could get a more peaceful and quiet environment than my home for studying before a test.

  1. They are amazingly cheap

Since I am a high school student living with my parents, I really couldn’t afford an apartment just for studying –and even if I did, it wouldn’t be as quiet as a storage unit-, so I was amazed to discover that a storage unit can be rented for very little money. Since renting it for extended periods of time is cheaper than on a weekly basis or so, I decided to rent mine for a year –my last year at high school- and discovered it was way less expensive than I would have think.

  1. I can access mine whenever I want

Additional to the tranquility I experience when I am studying in my personal storage unit and the low price I could get after just comparing a few options by different companies, one of the major upsides is that I can go there anytime I want. I have my key and if I feel like meditating or reading at three in the morning, there are no business hours preventing me to do so. This is incredibly practical, especially when I get a surprise assignment and really need to focus, but can’t at my room at my parent’s house.

  1. They are close to my home

The final and possibly greatest advantage of my public storage unit is that it is incredibly close to my home. I have found out that there are several options from different companies in practically every city in the country, which is great for students like me who want a quiet place to study but can’t afford to travel long distances to get to it.

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