Sort Instagram Highlights Effectively


Instagram is an addictive and amazing app. It has a clean user interface where people and businesses can come together as well as connect. The number of Instagram users is increasingly daily and it is likely to become the most used social networking app. As people switch from Facebook to Instagram. Businesses should take note of this and understand that if they want to capture or retain customers then they need to make use of Instagram.

Features on Instagram

There are various features that are available on Instagram which businesses can use. All of these features serve a purpose and it is the job of the digital entrepreneur or marketer to understand the purpose of each feature.

  • Post Photos on Feed: Instagram profiles can post photos on their feed. They can either post a single photo or up to 10 photos in a single post. The multiple photo option has made it easier for businesses to post all important photos in just a single post. This helps ensure that followers do not get annoyed when one posts many photos since up to 10 photos can be included in a single post. Add captions to make the post stand out.
  • Post Videos on Feed: The thing is that one can post videos, photos and a mix of the two in a post meaning that a mix of 10 photos or videos can be uploaded in just a single post. Videos are an effective way to showcase details of a product which a single photo or even multiple photos as well as a caption could not portray perfectly.

Instagram Stories

After the 24 hours photo/ video success of Snapchat, Instagram has followed suit and has been offering the Instagram stories option to businesses and individuals. It is an effective way to promote your business on a daily basis without feeling guilty of posting too many videos or photos. It is a great way to update followers on everything that the business has been doing while at the same time promoting its products or services.

Stories help enforce recognition of a business which helps improve brand image, customer loyalty and increases sales. According to various studies, it is believed that followers react most positively to Instagram stories as compared to posts. Sometimes, customers want to know just everything about a business on a day to day basis and Instagram stories is a great way to do show them just that.

Sort Instagram Highlights

Another recent feature which Instagram has launched is the Instagram Highlights feature. It allows businesses to keep the best stories on their profiles even after 24 hours have passed. This in turn helps increase views of the best videos, while at the same time promoting the best aspects of a business. Sort Instagram highlights to ensure that only the best stories are highlighted on your Instagram profile. Highlights have changed the way people produce stories as now they have the opportunity to retain popular stories on their profile.

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