Things to do in Wells, Maine

Sitting in York County is the coastal town of Wells. Located in the southern shoreline of Maine, Wells was established in 1643 and is considered as one of Maine’s oldest towns. Originally the home of the Abenaki Indians, British settlers then set foot as pioneered by Rev. John Wheelright. The town was named after the English cathedral city of Wells. Currently inhabited by more than 9,000 people, Wells consistently draws in tourists especially during summer to its renowned Wells Beach. Starting as a farming town, Wells now thrives as a major tourist destination that never fails to disappoint visitors all around the globe.

Things to Do

Aside from basking under the sun and busying over various water activities such as swimming, surfing, and skiing at the famous Wells Beach, visitors are also given other options for a more unforgettable stay in Wells. Get familiar with the swings and tees at the Merriland Farms Golf Course. This place in Coles Hill Road is friendly for beginning golfers and also to the old-timers. For a historical trip just near the beach, paying a visit to the Laudholm Farm and its century-old home that is included in the National Register of Historic Places will surely add to a wonderful stay in Wells.

Accommodation Tips

Staying at accommodations near the beach is the wisest piece of advice for visitors and travelers looking for a place to stay in Wells. The Lafayette’s Oceanfront Resort along Mile Road offers a luxurious stay in their guest rooms with private balconies for an intimate and serene view of the ocean. It provides a captivating experience throughout the whole year. The Village by the Sea, meanwhile, has 70 guest rooms and is very accessible to the beach and other popular attractions in town. Other reasonably-priced accommodations along the beach to check out include the Coast Village Inn and Cottages on Post Road and the Misty Harbor Resort found along Mile Road. Book your Wells Hotels with

Restaurants and Dining

Great food best complements Well’s scenic beach and sunset. A favorite of many, Joshua’s along Post Road is dubbed as the best place for dinner with their varied menu choices that ranges from appetizers, entrees, and their cocktails. For a terrific Italian dinner, go straight ahead to Varano’s Italian Restaurant. Sitting along Mile Road; their dishes of risotto fritti, parmigiano reggiano, and marsala are best paired with any choice from their extensive list of red, white, and sparkling wines. For seafood meals that best pronounce the stay in the beach, the Fisherman’s Catch Restaurant is the place for lunch and dinner. Nestled along Harbor Road, it is one of the local restaurants that continue to serve homegrown seafood specialties. Other commendable eateries in town are the Boon Island Ales and the Wells Beach Steakhouse.

Best Museum

The town of Wells is home to more than 80 vintage cars. Opened in the late 1970s, the Wells Auto Museum on Post Road is home to cars as old as the Crestmobile built in 1901 up to the 1982 Delorian DMC-12. The collection was started by a couple named Glen and Judith Goud in 1946. With a minimal fee of $4 for children and $7 for adults, car enthusiasts and curious visitors will definitely feast with the sight of vintage automobiles especially during the months of June to September.

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