Lucky Loans, A Company Overview

lucky loans

The cost of living in any part of the world has been steadily rising.  Prices of commodities shoot up regularly.  This, together with the other necessities of daily living such as mortgage payments, telephone bills, food and transportation expenses often lead to financial constraints.  More and more people resort to money borrowing or loans to augment their financial needs.  There are bank loans and personal loans.  These loans usually require a long processing and waiting time. Also, they often require collateral as guarantee that they will get their money back should the borrower decide to run from his debt.  Then, there are the new players in the market, online payday loans offering a novel way of borrowing money.

In the United Kingdom, there is a company called Lucky Loans.  Their website states that they are the appointed representatives of the credit broker Quint Group limited.  They are linked with loan provider Monevo Ltd, you can check for more info.

Lucky Loans

Lucky Loans offer online loans services with the aim of helping thousands of people weekly by looking for additional finances for them.  They do this to assist people with their financial difficulties.  Their passion and advocacy is to promote responsible lending while providing the most amount of financial assistance that they can possibly provide to people.

The company says they are aware that people who apply for a loan are devoid of savings or funds, and do not have access to other financial resources.  They know that most people who seek the aid of short term loan providers like Lucky Loans, do so as a last resort to salvage their finances.


Lucky Loans provide borrowers with short term loans amounting to as little as £50 to as high as £2000 or up.  The repayment terms are flexible, with a minimum of 7 days and a maximum of 30 days.  They are experts in rendering a swift online service that gives out instant decision on loan approval in just a few seconds upon the submission of your application, and an equally swift fund transfer with a waiting time of as short as 15 minutes!

There are different types of loans like Short Term Loans, the opposite of a  one-time repayment scheme, and Payday Loans, a fast, also short-term borrowing solution.

Why Choose Lucky Loans?

Easy Application

As stated above, their service is swift and simple.


Lucky Loans pride themselves with being transparent.  They always give you a full disclosure of their loan terms and conditions as well as your payment details including full loan costs and repayment date, so you are aware of everything before you accept their loan offer. 

Low APR and Interest Rates

Guided by the company philosophy “Lend for Less” and because of their understanding on the financial situations of their borrowers, they strive to give the lowest APR and Interest Rates available.  They also offer flexible repayment terms

Free Application

Using the online service when applying for a loan will not cost you anything.  It is free of charge and does not carry any hidden fees or hidden charges.

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