Why You Should Always Write A Packing List


Writing a packing list is so obvious today until it is annoying. Everyone knows what to carry when traveling for a weekend or for a 10-day vacation. While we know the essentials depending on our destination, there is always one or two items that are forgotten. You don’t think you can forget to pack underwear? Yes, you can; it is not just about writing a packing list but how to write it.

The structure of your packing list determines how effective it will be in reminding you everything you need. Taking a pen to randomly list down items you think you will need for summer vacation is no way to go about this. Some use the same packing list for every vacation. This is a recipe for stress and unnecessary costs when you get to your destination. After 12 months, you can’t be the same person. Apart from essentials and toiletries, most of the things you carried last summer may not be necessary this season.

Why you need a packing list

There is no smoother way to go to a vacation than writing a relevant packing list. This is not only appropriate when traveling but also when moving from one house to another. Packing list helps in quick and easy unpacking. With a packing list, you won’t find yourself carrying unnecessary items.

You need a packing list to avoid the two extremes of traveling, either over packing or missing some items. When you get to your destination, you will be tired and the last thing you can remember is where you placed a toothbrush. A packing list only makes things easier for you. If you are moving from one house to another, you need to know where to find clothes you need to wear to work the next day.

What you need in a packing list

Apart from the structure, it should be easy to go through the list. Use standard letters and fonts to make it more appealing because sometimes you might need to rush when in a hurry, especially when unpacking. If you are moving to a new home, the boxes should be well labeled to help movers place your items in respective rooms without confusion. Labels help in organizing your house, am sure you know of storage units near you with small units, which make it difficult to organize items. You should complete all elements regarding moving and organizing the house in one day. Disorganization only extends the days.

When writing a packing list, you should consider delicate items and place them on top of the truck or transport with your car. Do not mix up delicate items with furniture. A clear packing list on these terms makes it easier to unpack effectively.

What not to include

Do not include every single detail of items on packing list; it will make the list unnecessarily long. For instance, instead of listing toothbrush and toothpaste, write bathroom essentials.

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