The truth behind getting more views on YouTube

youtube views

YouTube is an amazing platform for uploading videos and getting popularity. The popularity can be determined by several aspects, one of them is for the views that it generates, for some people it may be something difficult to achieve if we think about all the competition that you have. The beauty of having more views on your YouTube videos is that, it attracts advertisers from different companies to market their products or services on your channel.

This will generate money for you. YouTubers can therefore have a day job and still run a YouTube channel separately. As one gets more views, there is pressure to keep up with putting new content every so often and creativity becomes the next issue.

First things first, you have started a YouTube channel and you want to get views very fast! Getting more views on YouTube for free will take too much effort and time. However, some people don’t know that you can buy YouTube views, yeah, that’s right, you can achieve views by buying them.

This can be expensive depending on the company you buy from, but if it is possible, then it is a viable option to consider. Obviously, you don’t buy them from YouTube, you can select from a wide variety of companies that are offering that service. If you want to buy YouTube views there are some things that you need to consider before, you need to know something about them.

Organic views and inorganic views

The first thing that you need to know is that there are 2 types of views that can be classified, obviously every view is a view regardless of being organic or inorganic. An organic view is by someone who watches your videos and can potentially comment, give likes and dislikes, subscribe to your channel, etc. Inorganic views are only views that increase the number of total views for your videos, however these views won’t make any other activity and the engagement is lost. Some ways of generating inorganic views is by bots or by people who get paid by only clicking your videos. However, the truth is that even inorganic views can create a beneficial impact on your YouTube videos.

Pros and Cons of Organic and Inorganic views

While organic views are a great option, because it gives you experience over time, it takes a long time to build a huge followership on YouTube. On the other hand, inorganic views are a good idea because you grow faster. You also have a chance to get some money from your YouTube channel in a short time. However, with inorganic views option, there is no interaction because these views are mostly clicks from paid viewers to click on the video and watch for a very short time, maybe 10 seconds into the video.

How can inorganic views be beneficial?

The inorganic views have an important effect even though it doesn’t generate a social impact by itself. The way that you get beneficiated is because people trust more in a video that has more views. People are not going to judge if those views are generated for bots or whatever, they will only feel attracted to more raw number of views. You can also have a greater impact because you can appear higher on the search in YouTube, and this gets more important if those searches are filtered by number of views. In other words, inorganic views can later translate into organic views by users in the internet.

What types of views you will get for buying them?

You can get both of them. Some companies that sells YouTube views do it by generating bots or paying a specific amount to users to watch those videos. However, there are other alternatives, for example some companies offer internet marketing campaigns that use social media for attracting people to your videos. Other people use spam and ads, pop ups, etc. That way even though it was somehow unspecific the method, you can get organic views for people who ends up watching your videos. You can get a mixture of both types of views, you can get an increase in the total amount of views and you can get more organic views that offer more engagement in people.

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