Choosing the right car dealer

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Previously, buying a car was a risky endeavor because buyers were at the mercies of car dealers. While there is nothing wrong with a seller holding all the cards, such an environment breeds dishonesty. In car dealership, unscrupulous traders emerged and costed many buyers a fortune. But this was several years ago when there was no Internet and vast knowledge about how, where, and how to buy a car. Actually, car dealership has a bad reputation in most parts of the world because buyers perceive them as dishonest and on mission to rip off customers. While this is true, the industry has significantly changed. Of course, it cannot be fully clean; there must be a few bad dealers, which is unfortunate.

This is why you should learn tips to find auto dealer in Colchester.

The nature of Colchester makes it hard to survive as a bad dealer. The town is relatively small with respect to auto industry and a negative experience by one customer can easily spread through the Southeast England. This means, the dishonest auto dealer won’t last in the industry for long. It is impossible for a dealer with poor record to go on with the business for a full month, the firm will easily be weeded out. Still, you don’t want to be the one with a bad experiencing and helping others keep off.

Finding an auto dealer

Car dealers are important when buying a car. Most people opt to use auto dealers because of the need for long-term relationship. Where and how you service your car determines its performance and longevity; most people prefer to use the original car dealer for all manner of repairs. This is why auto dealership is popular.

Read reviews

Make use of the internet. There are multiple sites with names of auto dealers and customer experiences. It gives you an idea of who you will be dealing with; don’t be clouded by the wide variety of cars and the best quality. Be open-minded when going through the reviews. Customers are often sincere in their reviews. Don’t ignore a negative review. Evaluate and consider it a risk.


Find out how long the dealer has been in the market. Selling cars is tough in the UK; dealers easily leave the market because of tough market and policies. As mentioned, the primary reasons for engaging a car dealer is future engagement on maintenance and repairs. It won’t make sense to go to a dealer who won’t be there few weeks after your purchase. Find a dealer with established premises and contacts in the town for reliable services.


When walking into a dealer’s show room; check on the kind of technology they use. How the employees are running their activities. Cleanliness of the showroom also says a lot about a dealer. The place should be orderly and professional. If a dealer cannot take care of their property, they won’t bother with yours when you come back.

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